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SAL ~ The forest regenerates #3

Only a little bit of progress in my sewing this time. However, each stitch takes it one stitch closer to being finished! This is where I was last time:

Contemporary embroidery

This is where I am now:


It’s almost like one of those old fashioned “Spot the Difference” cartoons! (Remember them…two almost identical drawings, and you had to find a certain number of things that had been changed or left out of one.)

I have been sewing though. I finished three little works that I have called the Jewelled-Sea series. I will post more about them at a later date.


After sewing these I felt I needed to look after my hands a little, and give them a break from sewing. That’s one of the reasons why progress on the purple one has been slower.

There is a group of us who join in this Stitch-A-Long, organised by Avis. They do wonderful stitching, so do go and have a look at what they are doing. A couple have finished a work, so celebrate with them! Welcome back to Linda, and a warm welcome to Laura and Cathie, two new members of the group.

Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, Sue, Constanze, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Heidi, Jackie, Sunny,Hayley, Megan, Deborah, Mary Margaret, Renee, Carmela, Jocelyn, Sharon, Daisy, Anne, Connie, AJ,Jenny, Laura, Cathie, Linda

39 replies on “SAL ~ The forest regenerates #3”

definitely “spot the difference” shame you couldn’t load them side by side…for ease. But yep have noted the base is changing.

sounds like you and me have taken a little break from what seems like a regular “making” – I think I’m ready to restart back on the “little art books” when one of the things I was dabbling with took on a vastly different look – a bit leathery, a bit woody – all with layers on layers…of different mediums.

and of course, when I delivered the little books of “Trees and Leaves” the buyer said “I want to see more…” not that I think she would buy them, although it’s on the cards she might…


You are really inspiring me! I´ve started stitching on a map from where I live, but haven´t showed it to anyone yet. Only to the members in Facebook group “One Year of Stitches! Maybe I´ll show it on the next SAL!

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I would love to see it….when you are ready to show of course. “Stitching on a map” sounds like you are sewing on paper. Or have you transferred the map to material? I am intrigued!

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Your work is always so interesting to see. I also enjoyed your post about books, 2019. I read several you mentioned and have noted a couple more. Thanks for sharing.


Maybe it is soothing to look at because it is quite soothing/meditative to create? Curves add to that feeling too, of course. As crafty people our hands are so important, aren’t they, and we do need to take care of them.


That makes me smile….yesterday I was reading some old reports from my school days. One of the comments from the art teacher, who I don’t remember, was something about using colour well!


Very true, Kathy. There is no deadline for this. I am trying to be kind to my hands, but of course most things I do (sewing, drawing, computer work) uses fine, repetitive movements in my hands and arms. Which makes it even more important to be kind to them!

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So beautiful, Anne! I did some stupid non-stitching damage to my hands on holiday, which means that I can’t stitch for very long. So I’m trying to make myself rest, too. (But when else would I have gone dogsledding or snowmobiling?!?)


My friend fell and hurt her hand and it has taken ages and a lot of help (acupuncture, creams, exercise etc) to get better. I hope yours is a speedy recovery. As Kathy said in the comment above, it is hard to be patient and allow the time to heal. Too many wonderful projects waiting!


That is gorgeous! You have far more patience than I! I can knit and crochet, but a friend tried to teach me the more tedious art of embroidery once, and I gave up very quickly … I don’t do well with such things! Ah well … we all have our forte. 😉


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