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SAL ~ The Forest Regenerates #1

This SAL post is a couple of days late. Time seemed to slip away from me. This stitch-a-long is hosted by Avis, and should have been up on Sunday. At least now you will be able to check out everyone else’s posts (check the list at the end of this) and see wonderful stitching from around the world.

I have been working on free-form stitching of late. I enjoyed couching the threads on the last works, and have been carried away with couching on this current one. It is based on my love of trees. Many of you will know of my love of trees ~ not only individual trees but also the shapes and rhythms of them as a canopy. (If you would like to read more of where my tree obsession comes from, this post might help.) As I am stitching I am thinking of all the trees that have been lost in the fires over the Summer.

I am calling it “The Forest Regenerates”, but I may change forest to bush, to give it a more Australian flavour.

Its size is 25 x 30 cm, because that is the dimensions of a canvas I found to use when I am ‘framing’ it. I started without really thinking much about where it was going, only to find I was having problems with the tones. I couldn’t see which trees may be behind and which in front. Fortunately couching is very easy to pull out. (This photo doesn’t give you the true colour of the cloth, which is actually a vibrant purple.)


So I began again. (The cloth colour is better, but it is still a more royal purple than shown here.)


I was merrily couching along, until it dawned on me that it was becoming rather repetitive.


Inspiration came from Patricia Brown who stitches over her paint cloths. I love her work. My work demanded some overstitching to help to make it zing.


This is where I am up to…

Contemporary embroidery

And a close up

contemporary embroidery

Lots of lovely SAL projects at these links

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And a quick follow up on my reorganisation of my studio/playroom. I had some great suggestions in the comments about getting my table to fit so that I could face the window. It is all sorted ~ thank you!


And again, while I have got you, a reminder about my Letter from my Studio, which comes out each fortnight (although lately it has been more erratic than I would like). In it I chat about my art and direct you to places where you can buy it. Jump to this link if you would like to sign up.


44 replies on “SAL ~ The Forest Regenerates #1”

That made me smile, Emma. I do have patience, but it’s not needed here. it is all very random, and I just go where I feel like going, and what feels right. I admire the patience of the other stitchers in the SAL group with their the cross-stitching and other works they create.

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I love the way your embroiderie is so spontaneous and the way you create texture. It makes all the stuff I have done look so tight and prissy. I must have a o with couching and try not having a pattern – after all I can always undo it as you did if it doesn’t look right. Thank you for giving me a push!

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I think it helps to not have a tight plan. I have created tree canopies in various media now that I have a reasonable understanding of how the tones work. I am glad I have given you a push ~ just play, and see where it takes you.

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My studio is very functional, and I have things to hand. You must miss that with your space being ‘on show’ at the moment! I am not good at titles for my work, but this seemed to resonate with me too.

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I am so pleased that I could reorganise to look at blue wrens in the window too. I put up a blind, which helps to cut out some of the light that reflects from the house next door.


Hey Anne, I just signed up to your newsletter (I thought i already was, but…?). On the sign up form, you have two spots for Last Name…just thought you might want to know since I know how tricky it can be to set up those stupid forms.

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