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Finally, at last….

While much of Australia has been burning, carpet has been on my mind this week. [Catch up on the fires from Meek’s and Kate’s posts.]

Let me set the scene….

My house was built in c.1910 in the Victorian style ~ a long hallway down the side of the house, leading to the lounge, kitchen, dining area down the back. The bedrooms are off the hallway.

Ages ago we had the place reblocked [ie replacing the stumps that the housesits on]. All the baltic pine floorboards were removed 😞 and replaced with sheets of brown board called yellow tongue. The skirting boards were off and the hall became a dumping ground. It stayed that way for ages.

Why it languished like that is a long and boring story that I won’t go into. It involved procrastination ~ lots of procrastination ~ and exasperation and convoluted plans for under the house [don’t ask!].

Fixing the hall was always on my To Do List, moving from month to month and year to year. A couple of years ago I had a burst of enthusiasm and project managed us into painting the hall from a butter yellow to a plain white. The skirting boards were sanded and painted, in a delightfully named paint, ‘Pale Lady’. That’s a lot of skirting boards, as the hall is 12 metres long!

Then things stalled again. In another burst of enthusiasm we got things out of storage. ‘Things’ were mainly boxes of my books, stored when we did the reblocking, which had no where else to go but be piled up in hall.

So here we were, with boxes of books and other stuff, skirting boards leaning against the walls, noisy flooring and draughts. I had had enough. No more procrastination, no more “I need to do this [insert long term unrealistic plan in here] before we get the carpet down”, I was determined. I was also determined that we were going to outsource as much as possible. No unrealistic plans for us doing it ourselves.


This photo shows the hall in a rather respectable state, with only some of the piles of stuff.

First job was to get our handyman friend, Ron, to put the skirting boards back on. He was so willing and available, many thanks to him.

Second job was to choose the carpet. The hall is not only long but rather dark. The carpet needed to be light and have an interest down the length of the space. Most of the choices were dull, but as soon as I saw the right one I knew it was the Right One.

So, I ordered, paid, organised the layer to come. We moved boxes and book cases and stuff; we vacuumed; and I waited for The Day to finally come.

Brett, the carpet layer arrived on time and was an immediate whirlwind of activity.


Our only glitch was the front door. We had to take it off and shave a centimetre from the bottom, to allow for the new height of the carpet and underlay. While the Fella did the cutting and I did the supervising, Brett did the heavy lifting of taking the door off and then putting it back on. I was so grateful!

Our rather forlorn front door

Brett cleared all the scraps up and was gone, off to his next job, leaving us with a miracle!


It is soft, it is quiet, it is wonderful ~blissful sigh~ 

And it is DONE! No more hurrying down the hall with down cast eyes. These are areas of the house to be proud of.

The hearth in the bedroom was another one of those “One day we will fix this up” things. No more, because I decided to cover the whole thing up with carpet….. problem solved!


Let me show off, just a little more….

Note the clear and dust free surface of the bedside table!


Ahh, I could bore you for hours and insist on showing you more photos; instead I am going to walk up and down on my new carpet in my bare feet….and maybe even vacuum it again!!


P.S. I mentioned my brother in my last post, another whirlwind, helping us clear the garden of weeds. He was chuffed that so many of you asked whether he would come and do your gardens. However, he wanted you to know that if you live in Japan he will be there in on the next plane, anywhere else, sorry, he’s a no show. ☺️

By anne54

Botanic artist

37 replies on “Finally, at last….”

Thank you! I was going to go with some form of boards, then at some point I just decided ‘Carpet’. It turned out to be the right choice. At some point your bedroom will be repainted!


I can feel your sense of satisfaction through you words… and wonderful photos. Sometimes our projects take a while to fruition because they need time to find the right solution… the perfect carpet that wouldn’t have manifested if we’d acted earlier. When the Right One happens you know it’s time.

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That’s a very understanding way of looking at procrastination. It would have been a different hall and bedroom if I had got onto it all those years ago. Thank you for your wisdom, yet again, Dale. 😘


It all looks lovely and I bet you wonder now why you procrastinated for so long – I am still procrastinating about many things in my house.
I was sort of surprised about carpet in Australia as I imagined, because of the heat, it would be like here in my part of France where hardly anybody has it. We had to take up some tatty jute covering off the stairs when we first moved here – it was glued down and ruined the wood beneath so we went looking for carpet but it was difficult to find and the selection was minimal. We have wooden floors with rugs or not, depending on the room – much more practical with so many pets although I confess I would like a carpeted bedroom floor.
In the U.K. however, carpeted floors are very popular although a lot of people are opting for laminate flooring now.

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Interesting how carpet is a feature in some places and not others.While it does get very hot here in Summer, Melbourne gets cold in Winter, and our old house was very draughty. Laminated boards are very popular here too. I did think about them, but just couldn’t quite visualise them. The carpet was so much easier = quicker = cheaper to lay.


I am loving it Emma, and I am even enjoying vacuuming, especially in bare feet! The Fella, who doesn’t comment much on things has remarked that he likes the feel of it too. High praise!


It looks gorgeous! I have several jobs I have been procrastinating over too. I hope you enjoyed going through the boxes that had languished in the hall and found treasures you had forgotten you owned!

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I have to take the ‘one thing at a time’ approach, otherwise I get overwhelmed by the To Do List. At the moment I am just enjoying what we have achieved ~ and moving books into the bookshelves. The time will come when you are ready to cross some things off your list.


The carpet is beautiful, and I am definitely jealous of your dust-free, clutter-free bedside table! I can relate to the procrastination … it is the reason I cannot get a foot into my large walk-in closet … I can see the clothes hanging in the back there, but I cannot reach them. Every Monday I say, “this is the week …”, and every Friday I say, “Oh well … next week for sure!”

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Well, that would certainly be my incentive to give them ALL away! And in truth, I do need to take some to the Goodwill. But, it’s not so simple, for most of what is occupying space in my closet isn’t even clothing, but such things as boxes of Christmas decorations, Hallowe’en decorations, wrapping paper, artificial greenery (seasonal), empty boxes, boxes with pictures, saved cards, and just “stuff”. My closet is rather a ‘catch-all’. Don’t know what to do with something? Throw it in Grannie’s closet! 😉

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A “Hall Opening” party is an idea, although no food or drink, or shoes!! Thanks for your thoughts, Judy, as you know what it has been like and how long it has taken. 😘


Anne, I’m so happy for you. Our heart is in our home. Having it look nice, feel cozy and inviting is perfection. I love your long hallway and the glass along the door. What a charming space. Funny, too, how one project can quickly lead to another. I think we become unstuck, and then it’s freeing moving on to the next thing. I have three projects that fall outside of my super, handy-man husband. One has been on the list for three years. An old portable AC leaked on the bamboo floor, but because it was covered, I didn’t discover it until summer’s end when the floor was damaged through. Our back fence is also in need of repair but it is near impossible to get anyone to fix it. They’ll replace the fence for thousands of dollars, but no one wants to repair one. Crazy, eh? You’ve inspired me to start anew.

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I’ve always loved my hall too. It is even more special because the glass was created and put in by my Dad. You will certainly appreciate how important that is.
You are so right about getting unstuck. We become mired in the procrastination and being overwhelmed. So crossing something off the list makes other things seem more doable.
That is crazy about the fence. I need to send you our friend Ron. He loves to do all those small maintenance jobs. Hmmm…. I wonder if he will travel…..!


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