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My exhibition at the Old Auction House

Let me show you my work in a moment, because we need a catch-up.

My Patients are both home, and both doing well. I am gradually getting some time to  do things I need to do, pulling my life a little back towards me. Thank you everyone who commented on the last couple of posts; sorry I didn’t get to reply individually.

We are not out of it yet as there are a whole list of hospital appointments and follow-ups in the next couple of months, and I will be involved in those. I need to be involved, as Terry’s extra pairs of ears (and even with the hearing aids his don’t work so well 😉); I want to be involved, as his support crew; and I have to be involved, as he is not allowed to drive!

Along side of the hospital dramas, was my exhibition in Kyneton. You know that it was my first solo exhibition, and I was very excited. Just to refresh your memory, Kyneton is a regional town about an hour from Melbourne. I managed to get there a few times, including the Meet the Artist session.

solo exhibition of Anne Lawson Art

I was blown away to see my work hanging and felt so proud.

solo exhibition, the Old Auction House Gallery


Anne Lawson Art

solo exhibition The Old Auction House

A big shout out to Rhain at the Old Auction House. Along with Jo, she has been such a positive support for me. It has all gone so smoothly. She is building a vibrant, creative space ~ musicians play together on Sundays, a studio space house a costume maker, the gallery walls are full of interesting art and the gift shop is a treat. All things for sale are hand made, and if not local then from Victoria and Australia.

I was delighted too by the number of friends who were able to get to see it. If you were one of them, big hugs! It’s a lovely feeling to know that so many people, even those of you who couldn’t make it, are interested in my art and cheering me on.


And the sales? Well, as of a week ago, I know that 2 have sold. There may have been a big rush in the last week of the exhibition! 🤞🏼

This is one that is off to a new home.


Anne Lawson Art tree painting

The other painting was one of the oil pastel trees. Maybe it was this one?

Anne Lawson Art

On Wednesday I will head to Kyneton to pick up the remaining ones.

Was there one that you fancied? Over the next few months I am going to ‘advertise’ the paintings. A weekly blog post, Instagram and Facebook posts and my newsletter will give you details and close-up photos of one of the trees. If you would like to buy it just let me know.

I have been so inspired by everyone’s positivity that I have applied for another exhibition at the Beadle Hall Community Gallery, at the Incinerator Gallery* here in Moonee Ponds. I’ll find out if I have been accepted in early November.

*Why is it called the Incinerator Gallery? An incinerator, designed by world renown architects Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony, has been repurposed into an arts hub. Read more about it.

The story of the Incinerator highlights a proud moment in Australia’s history, when our country developed an innovative, economical and technologically advanced solution to waste disposal that was envied worldwide.

Pity we can’t do that today.


33 replies on “My exhibition at the Old Auction House”

It is a relief to have a bit of normality, although I am still having to snatch the moments where I can. It would be exciting to have my work shown at the Incinerator Gallery, but I will just have to wait and see….and hopefully find some time to create!

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How wonderful to see your work hanging in a solo exhibition, and the creativity and effort that went into creating so many wonderful works. Good to hear that life is returning to normal-ish for you. That support crew, extra set of ears and back-up memory is the most important role after self care. Hope it’s all smooth sailing and more solo exhibitions from now on.

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Being ‘support crew’ is so important, and there is no one else for Terry ~ children and brother all far away. It’s so easy to get consumed by medical needs. However I am really lucky that I have excellent supports too, and the other side to my life, my art. So, YES to smooth sailing from now on!


Thanks Emma. I think the green watercolour was the pick of the collection too. I said that to a friend, who didn’t agree, she thought another one was the best. Just as well we all like different things! Fingers crossed for good news about the second exhibition.

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So glad that your life is getting back to some semblance of normality. The exhibition looks fantastic – I will look forward to hearing about many more . Like your husband I wear hearing aids but still miss a lot of what is said so I understand how i.portent it is to have someone to fill in the gaps as well as company and extra memory space. Hope all goes well from here on.

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Even with good hearing we miss things in medical appointments as there is so much going on and so much information. It must be especially difficult with a hearing loss. I think it should be okay from here on, but we do have a long list of appointments and tests still to come. However, I am so grateful that we live in a society that can afford to have a high quality health care system, with all these professionals to keep an eye on Terry.

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Thanks Kerrie. One of the good side issues of having the exhibition was how it gave me something other than hospital life to talk to Mum about. it sounds a little trivial, but her world was narrowing to the hospital bed. She. of course, was delighted by the exhibition, and so sorry that she wasn’t well enough to visit.


I’m so glad your patients are on the mend, and that you are managing to claw back some breathing space. And massive congratulations on the exhibit! And the sales. 🙂 I hope this will al invigorate you and lead to a burst of new creativity. -hugs-

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You must have felt something similar, Meeks, when you published your first book ~ so proud, and yes, the boost to go and do more. Now I just need to find the time to sit and create.


Yes, I was proud, but the moment of real joy came some years later when I held the paperback version in my hands for the very first time. It was so visceral.
How do you feel about parting with the paintings that sold? Any sense of loss?


I understand the difference between the virtual and the real. Holding your book would have been wonderful. Do I experience loss? Not really. I love that someone wants my work enough to buy it. However, I do love looking at my wok that friends and family have bought. It’s a buzz to see it on the wall. Another aspect is that after I finish a work I am ready to move on to the next. I think it’s the process I enjoy and the finished work is a lovely by-product.


Walking into a gallery space, surrounded by your own creations…must be amazing. Happy to hear of the 2 sales, too. I think your idea to feature a piece you’re willing to part with (ie-sell) via a blog post and other social media is a fine idea as the timing seems right – riding on the success of the first exhibit and gliding towards a second.

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I am glad you think it is a good idea to sell the pieces, Laura. It is not always easy to push your work, especially to friends ~ and I know that all of you here are friends. I have to remember to have other posts as well. Wouldn’t want to turn into a selling machine!!


So glad your life is settling … somewhat … back into a normal (what’s normal, anyway?) pattern, and congratulations on your exhibition! Your paintings are beautiful! I will check them out as you post them, but sadly will probably have to settle for looking. Keep smiling, my friend! Hugs!

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Yes, what is normal? After we get over all these medical appointments in the next month or so, I think I will still have adjusting to do. The level of caring will be higher, but that’s okay. Thank you for your support, and I am glad you enjoy my paintings.

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I’m a bit behind on catching up, as I’m away and my smartphone and I, are having issues!

Today I was viewing thermal landscape, taking photos along the trail walk which at times had our non-english tourists wondering what I was doing… I was thinking this view would remind me when constructing new art works… color, texture etc

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You will come back bursting with ideas! I think that people must wonder what I am taking a photo of…but then I often wonder why visitors take a selfie with something ordinary in the background. Our smart phones must be filled with photos that others look at and go “Why???”!


I was so impressed with the display. It was hard to take a photo that really showed them off. And yes, they were very proud of me. It’s unfortunate they couldn’t make it to Kyneton, but they will be there for the next one … whenever, where ever!

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