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Reflecting on July

I like to do a reflection at the end of each month, thinking about what I have achieved. Most months there are about 8 to 10 things that I look back on as worth celebrating. In July I had 3:

  • I helped see the Fella through a difficult time in hospital, so that now he is well and getting on with things.
  • I helped my Mum recuperate from her pneumonia. She is now in rehab, and while frail, is much better within herself.
  • I got ready for my first solo exhibition.

So, only three, but what mighty big achievements they were! No wonder there has been little time for anything else. And no wonder I am well over hospitals.

The other day I took my paintings up to the Old Auction House in Kyneton. There are 20 of works, all trees in some form. You know of my fascination, some may say obsession, with trees. This is some of them laid out, ready to be packed up for travel. (The orange labels are my cataloguing process, and are removable.)

Tree paintings

A selection of some of the individual trees.

and the Tangled Trees series ~ watercolour and then embellished with machine sewing.

Then there are some others.

I thought you might like to read my statement that will hang with the paintings.

Trees have always been a part of me. My grandfather worked in the forests of the Dandenong Ranges and Dad took us camping in the bush, off the beaten track. I remember learning the word ‘silhouette’ when Mum pointed out the shapes of the trees outlined against the sunset.

It was during an artist in residence at Mountain Seas Resort on Flinders Island that I first noticed the shapes of the melaleucas and their wonderfully twisted trunks. I was further inspired by a trip across the Nullarbor Plain, where the trees glistened and swayed. A recent artist in residence at Police Point in Portsea, organised by the Mornington Peninsula Shire, opened my eyes to the coastal moonah habitat. 

It is the shapes and rhythms of the canopies and the twisted branches and trunks that inspire me. I have explored them with many different media ~ watercolours, oil pastels, ink, sometimes embellishing the watercolours with machine sewing. I have created tapestries of trees and landscapes. 

In this exhibition there are individual trees and dense, tangled thickets of trees. No matter what the medium with each work I want to capture the feeling of air moving through the branches and then contrast the twisted trunks. There is a joyous freedom in exploring these ideas.

As well, each piece is a reminder of precious, fragile habitats that need us to treasure and protect.

The details of the exhibition:

8th August to 2nd September

The Old Auction House 

Mollison St

Kyneton, Victoria


So July has gone and August has many things to look forward too, especially being able to take Mum to Kyneton to see my work hanging. What are you looking forward to?


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21 replies on “Reflecting on July”

agree, exhibition show pieces look well executed and stunning…and the variety of mediums; something for every collector to savour on their walls at home.

for me August is one of something a little different. finally I have decided that it’s no point in saying “what now?” Instead, going to “repair” and address what I maybe should have done in March or was that April when I came home from endeavouring to understand that “I had my life back…”


I think they will hang well together, and hopefully some will sell.
We need to work our way through things before we can have that understanding. The work you have done in the months between March and now is what has helped you get to now, the repair stage. The pieces you are making have confidence and strength.

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I think your accomplishments in July must really add up to more than three as they were all so important.
I’m sure your Mum is already proud of you but it will be lovely for her to see her talented daughter’s solo exhibition – a great pick me up for her after her illness.


Very important, and worth dropping everything else. And oh yes, Mum is very proud. At times during her illness she has said that she won’t be well enough to visit the exhibition (it is about an hour’s drive from Melbourne), but I am determined that she will be there. Luckily it goes until September, so we have time.


I love the idea of being able to catch obsessions! Staying out of hospitals is my aim! Although I have been fascinated with them. They are worlds of their own, with processes that work well but are incomprehensible to outsiders.


So good to see your posts again! Sorry to be missing in action for a while. Congratulations on your solo exhibition. That is one big deal. And your exhibits are so beautiful! -massive hugs-


It’s lovely to have you back and I am glad you have sorted out the WordPress glitch. WP seems to be doing funny things to people’s blogs lately. I am very excited by the exhibition ~ hopefully the first of a few 😊


‘Only three’ is a massive understatement, since each of those is composed of many parts. Health is so undervalued till it’s lost, and helping to restore those you love to health is probably the most important thing you’ve done all year. Having said that, this exhibition is going to be an important personal landmark, and can see how much thought and hard work you have put into assembling this body of work. I wish you success, a boost to your confidence and enjoyment of the process of showing what you have created.

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It certainly is the most important thing. Everything went onto hold during August, and now I am gradually getting back to a normal rhythm. However, I think what was normal will change, as Mum will need more even when she comes out of hospital, and I have an elderly friend that will need more help from me. As you say, that’s what is important.
I wouldn’t have been able to do this exhibition if I hadn’t created a body of work over the years. The consistent work then is paying off now! Thanks for your support through it all. 😘

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I love your trees. The movement you capture in them really draws the eye and the colors are vibrant yet relaxing. I may steal your idea of doing a reflection at the end of the month. Seems I’m always so eager to jump into the next month’s projects that I fail to look back at what I’ve accomplished. Glad to hear everyone’s on the mend :))


Playing with oil pastel was great fun, and being able to smudge and build over the top of other layers helped to create the movement in the trees.
I am sure that I got the monthly reflection idea from someone, so steal away! I love doing it, because it helps me remember the smaller things that are still important. For example, sometimes the reflection will include interesting birds I have seen, or walks I took. It helps me to appreciate what has been good in my life.

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[…] As you know my Fella, aka Terry, and my Mum, aka Mum, have been in hospital. Mum’s discharge date was put back a number of times. I was the sibling to pick her up, so my plans had to change as well. (Fingers crossed that she is on her way home as I write.) Then, the other night Terry woke me as he needed to go to Emergency ~ thankfully not heart issues, the reason for his earlier hospital stay, but a very badly infected toe. […]


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