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A solo exhibition!

Well, in between getting the Fella home from hospital (he is doing very well; thank you for your positive thoughts) and my Mum going into hospital (she is also doing well, but still in hospital and being looked after so well by the nursing staff) I had an offer of a solo exhibition at the Old Auction House in Kyneton.

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that a solo exhibition has been a goal for a long time. I researched galleries, googled “ways to approach galleries”, worked on a body of work, but was held back by the fear of rejection. What if the gallery said “No. Not good enough”?

Then, as often happens, my fear was bypassed when Rhain, at the Old Auction House, approached me. Her previous booking had fallen through, and had a gap for August. She had seen my work at the recent group show ‘Not your usual canvas’, and popped the question ~ Would I be interested? Would I? You bet!

So in between hospital visits I sorted through my art works, and surprised myself by finding about 17 pieces that I would be happy to show. All trees, so no surprise there!

About half of the pieces are oil pastel trees.


I have often shown the smaller, A4 versions of these trees, and some are still available in my Etsy shop. You might remember me telling you about my fascination for trees after my trip over the Nullabor Plain. The ones for the exhibition are larger ~ A3 and one is even bigger. I haven’t shown these before as they are too large to send through the post  successfully. Lucky, because they are perfect for the exhibition.

Another group are the watercolour landscapes embellished with sewing. (I call them landscapes because I don’t know where they fit.) Some you have seen before, but they haven’t had wide exposure.

tree painting

Then a couple of single trees, watercolour canopies and stitched branches and trunks.


The last group are a couple of works created only in watercolour.


I think they will hang well together, with a consistency of shape, media and certainly theme.

I won’t have time to create anything large from my Police Point residency. Whatever comes from that might be in my next exhibition!!

However, I would like to find time to create some of the panoramas that I began down there. They should be a nice little addition to the collection. Along with the cards I have already made, they will give people a chance to buy something at a lower price.

So, work to do before the beginning of August, but quite do-able, and yes, I have made a list.

If you are going to be around Victoria in August I would love you to be able to see my work in person.

8th August to 2nd September

The Old Auction House

52 – 56 Mollison St


32 replies on “A solo exhibition!”

I’m so glad you’ve had this very positive reinforcement to your creative confidence. Of COURSE your work is good enough to exhibit, and if I’d know *you* were the one holding you back earlier, I’d have bent your ear about it! I’m thrilled for you, and I wish you every success with this exhibition. I hope it encourages you to go from strength to strength.


Those are wonderfully positive words, Kate, and they mean a lot to me. Thank you 💕 What a shame I can’t move the exhibition further north so you could see it.


Congratulations! I am so pleased you have something nice to look forward to after the worries over your fella and Mum. I wish I could come and see your work ‘in the flesh’ – on screen the pictures look lovely.


I’ve been rather remiss with my blog reading recently, so I hadn’t realised that The Fella had been in hospital. I am, however, glad to read that he is on the mend. Hope your mum is feeling better soon too.
I’m delighted to read that you are going to have a solo exhibition. You know what a big fan I am of your art and I genuinely feel that it deserves a wider audience. Like Sue, I really wish that I could actually visit and see your pictures for real, but we’ll have a mini show on Friday when we see each other: one tree and one feather!


The idea of the mini show made me smile! Thank you for being a fan, I really appreciate your support. As for my Sickies…the Fella is doing really well, and Mum is making gradual progress….and I am taking good care of myself too.

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Isn’t this exciting! I’m so happy for you Anne, and so glad all the hospital stuff is over. I’m only sad we live so far apart, I’d have loved to see the expo live and meet you! All best wishes😘🌹🌹🌹🌹


It is very exciting, Marina, and I am delighted that it will be hanging for the month. It will give people time to see it. As for the hospital visits….I am still visiting Mum, but it is not as constant as it was. We hope she can go to rehab in the next day or so.

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This is wonderful news (I’m focusing on the art show, although the medical news all seems positive, too!) What a thrill and so well-deserved. The trees all work together beautifully and will give such coherence. I hope this is just the first of many solo exhibitions!


OMG!!! This is so exciting and I’m thrilled you get to see a dream realized. I know firsthand that solo shows are a painful amount of work to get everything ready, but once it’s up, you can’t beat the sense of achievement. Hopefully you’ll be able to post pictures when everything is set up because I can’t wait to see your forest of trees on the gallery walls.

And don’t ever be afraid of putting your (gorgeous) work out there! Sure, not everyone is going to go gaga for it (idiots!) and gallery space can be competitive, but the worse they can say is “No.” Still, I bet this gives you the boost to try for more solo shows. Best of luck with it…and the medical woes as well :))


I love the idea of a forest of trees hanging on the gallery walls. This will certainly give me the confidence to approach galleries, because, as you say, the worst they can say is ‘no’. And have no doubts, there will be many photos coming your way once the forest has grown on the gallery walls!


I think that must be true, Dale. It must be why, when asked to do the show, I was so certainly that I could do it, despite everything else happening around me. It feels like it has come out of the blue, but really there have been many things working together to lead up to this exhibition.


Anne, I am so excited for you. This is well deserved. How I wish I could attend in person.

I’m relieved to hear that your fellow is home and doing well, and also happy to hear that your mum is getting good care. You have much going on. I hope you can find time to celebrate this success. Sending love and a hug. xo


Thank you Alys.It has become a busy time (the drive to see Mum is about an hour each way), rather than the stressful time it was. I am getting back into my routine, and even got to yoga last night.
It is a shame that you can’t see the exhibition; you will have to rely on the hundreds of photos I will no doubt post! I know that we will meet up some time.

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