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Dress making

The other week it was way too hot to do anything, especially anything creative that required paper or paint. I imagined the paper disintegrating in my sweaty hands. But it had been hot for a few days, and I was sick of blobbing around. So I pulled out some material and a pattern which had been sitting in the back of the drawer for quite a few years. Just the project for a very hot day.

20190304_102520It was easy….. sort of.  All the pieces were rectangles, so I had to nut out and keep track of which piece went which way, and then check before I sewed.

Photo courtesy of the Fella, who is not renown for his photographic skills. In reality I am a super model ☺️

I learnt things from making my blue linen dress, like pressing the seams as I go. It makes such a difference.

I like the back too, but again I had to make sure I was sewing the right parts together.

Another photo courtesy of the Fella. The rumpled look of the back was all my own work!

The fastening is meant to be with a button. There is a neat little button hole built into the seam at the front. However I didn’t quite line up the facing properly, so the button hole doesn’t quite work. And I had this lovely brooch that my mum gave to me. Perfect as a fastener.


The other thing to show you is the facing. I decided not to use the iron-on fusable stuff they recommend, nor use the same material. I thought it would make it too stiff. A couple  of years ago Rita sent me some material as a Secret Santa gift, which was just perfect. The lining makes me smile, and is sort of a secret facing surprise.


I have worn it a few times now, and am pleased with how versatile it is. On hot days I can wear it with a singlet or t-shirt and on cooler days like today, a long sleeved t-shirt. I think I will make another one.

And to make me feel even better about it, a complete stranger complimented it today, saying that she especially liked the back. Awww.

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17 replies on “Dress making”

Oh, well done! It’s a lovely colour, and that brooch/button is perfect.
Now that the latest quilt is finished, you’re tempting me back to the garment-making business again. It’s still so hot up here, and I need more shirts!

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The colour is one of those that goes with most things, but has a bit of oomph on its own. I think the faint stripe adds to it too. When you make your shirts I am sure they will be in less muted tones than this one!

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Very nice and the facing is a lovely touch. Will you ever wear it without a top underneath as it shows on the pattern sleeve? it must certainly be hot enough there, The pattern model, however, doesn’t look as if she has any lady bumps so it would possibly be a little low cut on a real woman.

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Interesting question…..the answer is probably ‘no’. I like layering clothes, and this is perfect for that. I think I would feel a little bare without something underneath. I am not sure that I would make the sleeved version either, which is an option in the pattern.


Thank you Emma. I am learning to take my time with sewing garments, because it is the little features, like the edging, that make the difference between something I will wear and something that goes in the bin!

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I was pretty chuffed by her comment too. The success of another garment has certainly spurred me on to do more. And I have found a great material shop about 20 minutes away from me. All the stars are aligning.


I’m with Katechiconia, you’ve inspired my inner garment maker to perhaps make a comeback! HA!
The brooch is best, I think so next time you make it, forget about the button/buttonhole hassle!
The pattern appears to be an older ‘Easy Vogue’ did you find it to be ‘easy’? “Easy” tends to be misleading in the pattern business.


I love inspiring other people to carry out Projects, so I am going to say “Unleash the inner garment maker”! What might you make?
It is an older pattern. It was easy, except for keeping track of what fitted onto where. I had to unpin the facing a couple fo times while I nutted it out. The material doesn’t have a strong right/wrong side; if it had it would have probably been more straight forward.

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A really nice top, great modelling and photography. I like sleeveless overtops amd layering, stylish and comfortable. I read this post and advice about not attempting creativity with paper and paint in the heat after I spent a very warm Sunday struggling with pages I was trying to complete for my Sketchbook Project, and out of the whole book they are the two I’m least happy with. Lesson learned… turn on aircon.


I am a great fan of comfort too, and layering is the way to go. Thanks for your very kind words about my modelling abilities! I am sorry to hear that you struggled with your pages. It just doesn’t work with heat and humidity, does it.


You’re sewing on fabric this month! Sewing: it’s not just for pumpkins. 😉 It’s been so long since I’ve sewn for myself. You make me want to give it a go. I’m glad you liked the pattern and that it worked well for you. I like the “surprise” facing, and all the more since it came from the secret Santa exchange. Nice!


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