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Not my usual sewing

I have just written a post on my blog on my website about the dress I have just sewn. You may have seen the results on Instagram. I deliberated about where to write it, here or there, and obviously decided on there. It’s the problem of having the two blogs.

I had thought that the other blog would be purely about my art work, and this about the odds and ends of life, as well as some of my art work. Sewing a dress is not in the art work category, but I put it there because, honestly, I want to give the Google bots something to investigate. They like activity on websites apparently.

Anyway, the link to it is here, because I don’t know whether that other blog comes up in people’s readers. I would hate you to miss out on my pearls of wisdom!

Just in case you don’t make it over there, I am offering the scraps of linen from the dress to whoever would like them. I am happy to send post them. Let me know if you want to add more to your stash!


19 replies on “Not my usual sewing”

I slipped over to other blog post about the dress…but I think you have also reminded me why I didn’t want another blog…having to remember to make posts, maybe slightly different posts. I may of course get around to another blog solely about “art” …but not just now.


Well done you! All common mistakes which we’ve all made in the past – and sometimes still do!!
(I’ve made the same comment over on your other blog but not sure whether it registered or not).


even more beautiful on the lap top’s screen rather than my phone 😉 Thanks for including the link to your other blog. Are you able to set that to update platforms automatically, as one can WP? that way you could have it cross post without any effort on your part.


I love the big screen too, although I am always surprised at the quality of my phone. I’m not sure about the automatic updates. Something else to check out. Thanks for the advice.


Right, the scraps are coming your way ~ Yay! Off to a good home.
Ironing as I go is another thing I learnt from this project. My Mum has asked me to make a dress for her now!


I do look proud, don’t I? I had to ask my resident photographer (aka The Fella) to take the photo. Difficult for him to make sure my head wasn’t chopped off, and then he held his finger on the ‘button’ and I ended up with a screen shot of 77 photos!


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