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18 in 18 update

I like my challenges for my 18 in 18. (Not sure what I am talking about? Check it out here.)  They are encouraging me to think outside my usual box, which is what I was hoping they would do.

So, how am I going since I checked in last?

  • Write 18 letters: I have sent two postcards to a friend in New York. James is a prolific postcard sender, and I love finding his quirky cards in my letterbox. Thank you James. I also sent a couple of birthday cards to relatives. Total: 7/18
  • Sketch outdoors 17 times: This is one that I am pleased I am challenging myself to do. I have been sketching at my local wetlands, the NGV and at Somers Beach at Easter. Total: 6/17
  • Visit 16 different places: I haven’t got into doing this yet. I thought it would be the easiest one, but I don’t factor in the time to visit somewhere different. Total: 1/16 [Note to self….get going on this one, ‘cos you will enjoy it!]
  • Upload 15 paintings to Etsy: Way behind on this one. It should be more than one a month, and I have only done 3/15. However, I have been creating, and selling my work before it gets to the shop. [A couple have sold through my newsletter, so if you would like to get sneak peeks at what I am doing, sign up for my fortnightly newsletter.] 
  • Walk in 14 different places: I went to Somers over Easter and had a long walk along the Somers Beach. That was wonderful. Another couple of walks took me along the Avondale Heights section of the Marybyrnong River, as I am mulling over a textile project based on the river.  Total: 5/14
  • Watch 13 movies: This was another one that I hoped would push me. I love movies, but never seem to find the time. Actually, that’s never seem to make the time. So, I have been caching up with some on Youtube and TV. I missed ‘The King’s Speech’ the first time around, and did enjoy watching it. Great acting. I also saw ‘Mr. Pip’ on TV. Hugh Laurie plays a recluse on the island of Bougainville at the time of their independence fight from Papua/New Guinea. It is quite shocking, but moving. A total contrast is Hitchcock’s ‘The Trouble with Harry’, a delightful comedy where Harry gets buried and dug up quite a number of times. It’s one of Shirley McLean’s early films. Total: 5/13 [Note to self…..organise to get out to the movies]
  • Visit 12 galleries: The ‘problem’ with this one is that I have been so fascinated with the Triennial exhibition at the NGV that I have been back there a number of times. And there is still more I want to see. Total: 2/12
  • Plant 11 native plants: Nothing doing here at all. My garden is rather a wasteland, but a trip to the nursery is on tomorrow. I may have something to report next time. Total: A big fat ZERO
  • Read 10 biographies or memoirs: ‘The Quiet Revolution of Caroline Herschel’ by Emily Winterbern. Herschel was an astronomer in a time when women were not expected to be involved in such pursuits, although Winterbern’s thesis is that it is possible that women made discoveries while helping husbands, brothers and employers, and just not given the recognition. Caroline discovered 8 comets. Her brother was also the astronomer who discovered Uranus, and he was able to help Caroline publish her discoveries. She was the first woman to be awarded a gold medal at the Royal Astronomical Society. Total:3/10
  • Find 9 different pieces/styles of music: I am enjoying this, and finding that my ears are perking up to different music. My friend Liz took me to a koto concert, which I enjoyed. The koto is a Japanese stringed instrument, and can be very dynamic, as this video shows. Dinner for St.Patrick’s Day inspired me to rediscover Irish musicians I enjoy ~ Ralph McTell (remember ‘Streets of London’?) and Christy Moore. Along the way I found Billy Connolly’s very funny tribute to Christy. Total: 3/9 [Any suggestions more that welcome.]
  • Bake 8 cakes or biscuits: Still stuck on the one I spoke of last time. 1/8
  • Paint with other people 7 times: A little progress here ~ once with a friend at the NGV and down at Somers with Peter. We painted peaches!
  • Clean out 6 cupboards or drawers: still a big fat zero here too, but as I am surrounded by stuff (see my last post) I am sure that there will be progress very soon.
  • Make 5 things for other people: No movement here. I am crocheting granny squares to make a rug, but it won’t be finished any time soon. So, some smaller projects are called for. Total: 1/5
  • Have 4 short trips away: Going well here! I had my stay at Ballarat for the opening of the exhibition, and as I mentioned before, I went to Somers over Easter. Total: 3/4
  • Make 3 garments: Still nothing doing here, but it is only three, and it’s only April. Total: 0/3
  • Go for 2 long trips: See above! Total: 0/2
  • Make plans for 1 exhibition: this one is a ‘how long is a piece of string?’ sort of thing. I am working on pieces and have many thoughts and plans, but nothing concrete to report just yet.

So, how are your challenges and plans going? You might like to read Margaret’s 18 for 18 update or be inspired by Alys’ challenge to finish her backyard projects in a month.


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24 replies on “18 in 18 update”

My favourite moment in any movie is that moment when the lights go down and the movie is just about to start ~ anything is possible and the magic begins!


-giggles- I finally managed to vacuum the whole house yesterday…but only because the power supply of my computer died and I had nothing better to do until it was fixed. 😀


Thanks Ardys. None of them are chores, just ways to extend what I already do. It’s not like I have committed to getting to the gym everyday, or run in a marathon. They would be completely outside my comfort zone, and not get done.

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I think you need to jump over to Ravelry and look for some small patterns to create – crochet/knit – you might even manage some cake and biscuits – let’s think laterally here and knit some…turn you rug squares in the catnip toys – all doable, all small…


I went to see “I, Tonya”. Have you seen it? I am still not sure what I think about it. I am not sure the mockumentary style really came off. It showed Tonya’s life to be very brutal, with little love, but she came across as a very feisty and resilient woman. The plot to do damage to the other skater seemed to be a bad idea that spiralled crazily out of control.

Any movie suggestions for me?


I did see “I, Tonya” and had a similar reaction. I had no idea she had been subject to so much abuse by her mother and later her husband. I was unprepared for and disturbed by the violence. What a sad life she’s had.

We saw a movie called Ready, Player One with the boys. We enjoyed it, but without knowing your general taste in movies, be sure to read a review first.

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The good thing about lists like this Catherine is that I am in complete control. If I want to change it I can; not do it, that’s okay too. Maybe next year for you…. although then we are up to 19 things! Eek!

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