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At last, Marriage Equality

Last week the Australian Parliament voted in a bill to say that marriage was between two people, not just a man and a woman.


It sounds so simple, but the right-wing in the Parliament put up every possible barrier to stop it. I won’t dwell on that, but rejoice that now all relationships are recognised before the law.

David Marr, a journalist who calls out cant and hypocrisy, was on the panel of The Drum, a current affairs program, when the final vote happened in Parliament. This clip posted ย on Facebook shows his pride and emotion, and is interspersed with images of the aftermath in the House of Representatives. It is a moving moment.

Marr is so right to point out that in his lifetime he has seen the change from imprisonment for homosexual sex through to recognition of everyone’s relationships through marriage equality. And he is right to honour the men, women and trans, those warriors, who have fought for rights for the LGBTQI community.

Behind these scenes of jubilation is a long and proud tradition of fighting for rights, fromย Stonewallย and the beginning of the Gay Liberation Front through campaigns to stop discrimination of gay men and increase funding during the AIDS epidemic to Same Sex Marriage. Behind these campaigns, and many more, have been men, women and trans who have been prepared to stand up and demand their rights at home, in their workplaces and in society.

Let’s not forget the suffering too ~ the beatings, deaths, suicides and stunted lives of many in the LGBTQI community.

Rejoice, but remember.

If you would like to watch something uplifting and heart-in-the-right-place-warming these holidays, I would suggest Pride. It is a movie about the support gays and lesbians gave to a mining village during the long miners’ strike in Britain in 1984. This is a great article to give background to the story.


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16 replies on “At last, Marriage Equality”

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Yes, we did. A few wrongs have been righted lately, including the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse and the Dying with Dignity Legislation in Victoria. Lots still to go, especially refugees on Manus and Naru.

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Yes, it was such a joyous result, and in the end a “yes” that overwhelmed all those who wanted to keep the old, straight ways. Unfortunately, still a lot of other inequalities though.


What a thrilling day for humanity, Anne. I’m so happy to share in your good news. It took the US a long time to get here, too. Progress is often slow, and then suddenly we shoot forward and realize how absurd these laws were in the first place. Isn’t it hard to imagine jailing a person for expressing their love for another. Go Pride!


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