10 things that marriage equality won’t do

All Australians will know the background to our current Marriage Equality debate. For non-Australians, I will quickly bring you up-to-date by saying that despite the majority of Australians supporting Marriage Equality, our conservative government would not take the issue to Parliament. Instead they have issued a postal survey that is not compulsory and not binding on our parliamentarians.

I have to reblog Meeks’ latest post, as her ’10 things marriage equality won’t do’ is a great antidote to some of the arguments against giving everyone the chance to marry whomever they want.

Meeka's Mind

A co-worker brought in a pamphlet yesterday. The heading read ‘3 ways gay marriage will change the classroom’. And I quote

More radical gay & lesbian sex ‘education’ programs in schools‘ like Safe Schools which ‘..already teach kids about various forms of sexual activity and encourages sexual experimentation from an early age‘.

Kids will be taught their gender is fluid‘…’something they choose, not something they are born with‘.

Loss of parents’ rights‘. ‘In other countries where gay marriage has been legalised, parents have found themselves in court after trying to pull their kids out of radical gay sex education classes‘.

We were all gobsmacked at the ignorance and blatant disregard for the truth. So here are some things that won’t happen when marriage equality is finally made law:

1.  Heterosexual kids will not suddenly become gay. Homosexuality is…

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10 replies on “10 things that marriage equality won’t do”

For me, it’s Yes. You love who you love. Preferences are not a choice, they’re what you’re born with. There are some terrifyingly stupid ads on TV with damp-eyed ‘mothers’ being all anxious about their little children being forced into gay sexual role playing in school. If your child is being forced into ANY sexual role playing at an inappropriate age, that’s a problem with the school and the curriculum, not a law allowing two consenting adults to marry. Trying to deny the reality of non-heterosexual love is pointless, bigoted and shows an extreme smallness of spirit.

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Those ads are awful, and wilfully misrepresent the arguments about marriage equality. It was a nice feeling to be able to put my mark in the Yes box and send it off, even though the whole thing is an expensive waste.

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I couldn’t say it better than Kate. Acceptance of marriage equality means far more than just being about weddings, it is about accepting all people regardless of their preferences as being absolutely an equal part of society. In so many ways this shouldn’t even be a debate, it should just happen. I hope to goodness ‘yes’ prevails.


i think you have said it very well, Anna. Another aspect to it is the mental health of so many young people who feel that society debases their sexual orientation.
If the Yes vote wins it should get up in Parliament, although there are no guarantees. However, if the No vote wins there will be no discussion or vote in Parliament. The opportunity will be lost.

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