Email to the PM re #Adani

The Adani mine is planned for Queensland and is generating a lot of opposition, for a range of reasons. One of the most compelling for me is the damage it is likely to do to the Great Barrier Reef, both directly and indirectly through CO2 emissions from burning the coal. Meeks from Meeka’s Mind has written a great letter to our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, giving him reasons why Australia should not loan Adani almost $1 billion to build a rail line from the mine to the coast.

Meeka's Mind

I just sent this email to the Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull:

Just for the record, I do not know the PM, but I did ‘chat’ with him by email after he lost to Tony Abbott, way back when. At the time, I wanted to congratulation him on being a man of integrity, even if he was a Liberal. I still receive updates from his staff.

And that brings me to the second point I want to clarify: I know the PM won’t read this email of mine. It is quite possible that his staffers won’t read it either. In all likelihood, the subject line of ‘Adani’ will be more than enough to get it binned sight unseen.


I know Climate Change is real.

I know its caused by us, and

I know that our long-term survival requires that we do something about it.

Digging up more coal…

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10 replies on “Email to the PM re #Adani”

The Prime Minister is NOt a man of integrity.
This issue is one of the most important facing Australians and Indians at present. I urge everyone who is concerned about this issue, to find out more and to become active in your opposition- through letter writing, emailing, marching, and generally spreading the message.

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There was a very lively (i.e. lots of talking over each other) on the Drum this week. Warren Mundine was very pro-mine and it sparked a lot of debate against his position.


We live in the area, and despite the fact that it would bring a lot of jobs into an already depressed part of the state, we’re NOT in favour. Aside from the huge issue of environmental impact on the reef, Adani will be GIVEN not just Australian money to build a rail line but a free water licence to remove megalitres of water from our catchment, depriving the farmers in what is one of the country’s driest areas. That water will need extensive treatment before it can be safely returned to the system, and I simply don’t trust Adani to be conscientious about that.


I didn’t know that about the water….yet another reason to be very hesitant about the project. The projected number of jobs has been questioned too, with some commentators saying that numbers will be a lot less than the 10,000 Turnbull has been talking about.

Is your view a common one in the area?


Opinion is greatly divided. Many people say we need it to bring the area out of the recession, especially the more conservative pollies, but others can’t see that it will be worth the financial and environmental cost. I know we need jobs desperately, but in this case the cost is just too high.

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