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#stitchingsanta reveal #2

The second parcel still hadn’t arrived when we left for Western Australia a few days before Christmas. Our neighbour was collecting our mail, so I knew it would be in safe hands if it arrived. We came home a week into January. When Melissa gave us the post I wondered about the lack of parcel. I even wondered whether I had muddled up things, and that there wan’t one. I was concerned that an unknown blogger had gone to a lot of trouble to make up a parcel for me and it was lost in the mail system. I felt quite rude.

Time to ponder what to do. Check with Melissa; email Sheila. Then I read a new blog post from Rita at Rita’s Design, who was telling her readers about the parcel she had put together for Anne. Oh dear….but at least I knew who to talk to.

And then a most amazing thing happened.

Not half an hour after I had read Rita’s post, the Fella called out “Anne, there’s a parcel here for you!” There was Rita’s box, but it wasn’t telling of its adventures from Germany to Australia!


I happily ignored this instruction!


Inside was a delightful hand made card, with this message

As I first scrolled down on your blog I immediately felt a connection to you because I respect and love nature just like you. Even though we have a different way of expressing that and our creativity I think we have a lot in common.

I think so too.


Rita designed this tray especially for me, and the feather decoration was just perfect. (There are feathers on the sides of the box too.) It will be a fine box to put my feathers in. 🙂


In the background you will see a white mug with a fine feather on it. Rita stencilled it herself, again with that feather motif.


She lives on the border of the Netherlands and thought I would probably like one of their hot-choco-spoons. She is right 🙂


This delightful little angel was crocheted by a very talented friend of hers.


However, Rita made this key holder, again in the shape of a feather ~ a parrot feather methinks! ~ so I won’t be loosing my keys again.


Or my luggage, because now I have a luggage label made of the cutest fabric.


Speaking of fabric, as well as all these other goodies, there were two (not one but two!) pieces of material. Soft colours, and the top one has a feather pattern too.


Again, I was overwhelmed by Rita’s generosity and thoughtfulness (and grateful that it is not languishing in the depths of of an Australia Post cavern.) I am humbled by the kindness shown to me by both Rita and Joey.

In Rita’s box there was one more little treasure, these festive coasters, on which will sit my new mug, on top of the protea placemats. A BIG THANK YOU to both of my #stitchingsantas, you have made my Christmas even more memorable.


If you want to find out what I sent to one of my #stitchingsanta buddies you can read Lynn’s unveiling of one of my parcels. And in a lovely twist, Lynn is one of the Sisters of the Travelling Sketchbook!

If this has piqued your interest for Christmas this year, follow Sheila’s blog to watch out for her announcement.

25 replies on “#stitchingsanta reveal #2”

I knew you’d been in the same swap as Lynn a few weeks ago, when she did her reveal. As I scrolled down and saw the drawing, I knew the Anne in Melbourne she was talking about was you! Blogging makes the world tiny but lovely, doesn’t it?

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I am often amazed, when I am reading the comments on a new-to-me blog, to see a familiar face. But it is always delightful to find new blogs to follow too, like Rita and Joey.


It was certainly fun! Will you sign up again? Hopefully It’s about 10 months away, so hopefully Sheila will have recuperated enough from this swap to organise the next!


I’m having so much fun with these stitching Santa posts. What a beautiful and thoughtful collection of treasures. I love the way folks are learning about each other, then matching interesting and creative gifts to the recipient. That feather key chain is perfect. It’s bright and unique and so you.

Fun, fun, fun.

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I am quite sure it is a rainbow lorikeet feather! They are laud and raucous as well as brightly coloured. I know you love birds, so I have found this youtube clip of them


Anne, I do love birds. Thanks so much for sharing this clip. They are a noisy bunch, but what glorious feathers. They’re quite tame too, when food is presented. Do you see them in your own garden? I’m just looking out the window at a hummingbird having a splash in the fountain. I never tire of looking at them.

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The lorikeets love the flowers of gum trees, and will gather there in noisy flocks. There are no gums in my garden, so I enjoy them in the street trees and other gardens! I would love to see the little hummingbirds. Your garden must be a haven for them.


I hadn’t picked up on the “priority” sticker. Imagine how long it would have taken without it! If only parcels could tell the tales of their journeys, but maybe they would be full of “and then I had to sit around in this warehouse for days, only to be moved on to another one, while all the other parcels were heading off……”

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