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In My Studio November 2016

I started this series a year ago, almost to the day. But ‘series’ quickly became too grand a word ~ two posts don’t really make a series! So, I am starting it up again. I began with this intention:

So….I am inviting you to let us have a peek into your creative space. You will notice that I am not saying “studio” except in the title. I like the sound of it there! Creative space is much wider ~ I’m thinking studio, kitchen table, sketchbook, computer, note book, anywhere you create. And I am not limiting it to painters. Writers and quilters, printers and poets, everyone is welcome.

And it doesn’t have to be a final, well rounded piece. It can be, but it might also be a look at what you are working on, a tip, a technique, a new piece of equipment. It might be a photo of your work space or your inspiration board. Or even an inspirational quote!

How will it work? Many of you join in with Celia’s In My Kitchen feature and you will know that I have taken that idea and given it my own slant. Each month I will put up an In My Studio post. I would encourage you to post one on your blog and then link to it in the comments of my my blog. Clear? As mud! Maybe this will help:

  1. Each month you write about something happening in your creative space. It doesn’t have to be a special “In My Studio” post. I know lots of you do monthly roundups of your creativity.

  2. Come to my blog and find my In My Studio post.

  3. Leave a link to your post in my comments section. Then others can follow the link to have a peek into your space. [Sorry, I am not as clever as Celia, and it may take me some time to get the blog roll down the side.]

  4. You don’t have a blog? Put something on Facebook or Twitter or wherever and give us a link to that.

Hopefully the monthly routine will stand up this time! If not, well, it will happen when it can. 🙂

So, In My Studio this last month……

….has been a timid effort at cleaning up my work space. When I came back from the trip it looked like this


Now it looks like this…..

My work table

Not a lot of difference, but I know that most many things still around me are things I need.

My clean up also included my palette. Again, it might not seem clean to you…..

Paint palette

While pottering around in Spotlight (one of those super craft/art/material/homewares type of store) I found this LED lamp. It was marked down to $15 but at the till I only paid $10! It is battery which means I don’t have to link up leads and power points. The head tilts too.

In My Studio is an inspirational book, on loan from my friend Liz. Every page makes my finger itch to sew and experiment. It is where the idea for my samplers came from.

Stitch magic: ideas and interpretation by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn

Here are a couple of my latest samplers, done in the caravan. The first was inspired by the colours and textures of the arid area around Menindee. The second was in response to all the water we saw on the trip.

In My Studio are two works in progress….

The first is Cullen cinereum that I have been working on for quite a while!

Cullen cinereum (Image and photo copyright: Anne Lawson, 2016)

It is close to completion, but quite a few more hours yet. There is a lot of fine detail to go, and I am working with a brush so small it is ranked as 000.


The other work is my embroidery. This is an evening project, and I love the problem solving that it requires. More on it at a later date.

So, what’s been happening in your creative space? Remember to put a link into the comments.

22 replies on “In My Studio November 2016”

i have nothing to show right now – I’m still attempting to have my art/craft come together in my new pad – BUT, I just won a scholarship to continue my art/creativity journey through The Learning Connexion – Honours. I can start basically any time in 2017 but I still need to sort out a few things “get my ducks in a row” – not just my work space, but exactly which of the many arty themes I want to concentrate on…gotta do a whole of thinking, started but no rush.


My office still looks the way it always does, but now that Innerscape is finished, I’m slowly bringing the house and garden into shape. Kinda. The weeds or maybe a bug have given me a rash and the house still needs a good spring clean but I did bathe the dog yesterday. Big achievement. 😀


Oh yes, wrenching things back into shape. My veggie garden is almost the way I want it, but of course the last part is the one that needs the most work with replanting strawberries. I hope your rash goes away and stays away, otherwise gardening will be difficult.
Congrats on “Innerscape” too. I know it will be a mighty fine book.
And if any one would like a sneak peek at Meek’s new novel ……..


I am hoping that I can do it monthly too. As you say, a good way to keep track of what’s been happening. And we all love a peek into the creative spaces of other people 🙂


Kate, I imagine that even when your workroom is unnaturally untidy it is more organised than mine! 🙂 Also, fabric creates so much more mess than watercolour painting, especially botanic art. It really only takes up a small amount of space, but that doesn’t stop me from spreading everything out around me.


Anne, I love looking at your palette. It reminds me of my dad who liked to paint with oils. I have his old paint palette in my craft room. I hung it with a few photos of my dad.

Your painting is incredible. I can’t begin to imagine how you created such fine detail, though seeing that tiny-tipped brush gives me a clue. It’s hard keeping a creative space tidy and orderly as one often needs so many different things for one project. I’m dreaming of the extra space I’ll have when my youngest son goes to college. For now I manage with a corner of my desk.

Congratulations on finding a compact light on sale. That’s a bargain!


Palettes are such personal things, and I imagine that your Dad’s would be quite different to mine. He would have used much more paint for starters. My little brush only needs small amounts. What a lovely, tangible memory to have of your Dad, and to have the photos around him too.
Yes, a dedicated space is great, and it makes working on projects so much easier. You don’t need to pack up every time.


Palettes are personal, aren’t they Anne. And yes, Dad’s palette is thickened with dark paint that blended together over the years. It’s interesting that it made it here when so many other things were left behind in Canada. It’s yet another reason to treasure it.


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