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“new things are happening very quietly inside of me.”

“New things are happening very quietly inside of me”

I love this quote and the story that Austin Kleon tells about the former nun who made it. It reminds me that it’s okay to sit and ponder and allow creative thoughts to bubble away inside, waiting until they are ready to be released.


By anne54

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Thank you, Anne, that’s very kind. I’ve really been inspired by the contact with other artists. I used to look upon Instagram with disdain because the people I knew just posted selfies and pictures of their lunch! But for art it’s priceless. X


indeed but it doesn’t have to be a season or a maple tree…In early August when I decided to retire from learning/deadlines of the academic nature, I then set too to move many of my “ducks” back into (or was it move them on in my journey); I decided to really spring clean, with the idea I might move sometime in late Spring…

I somehow managed to get ahead & I found a place and moved in late September…(I’m still looking for things, mostly art related now)

Moving has been great, but in turn there were other things in that “duck row” that needed my attention, I have given notice that I want to retire from my voluntary job, partially also because I have lost my mojo – it’s a fundraiser and in it’s present life, it’s not raising so much, but because there are various flies in the ointment to hard for me to resuscitate.

If I can enthuse another (who has put her hand up tentatively) then come early Dec, will give them notice to formally retire at the next AGM/Mar…I took up the reins in Mar 1999! So I’ve paid my dues 🙂

What else in my “duck row” to be amended…still in the “thinking pipeline” but nothing serious…


It’s interesting many of us are experiencing shifts, and comforting ♡ I think I too am working on the new me… currently the novelty of doing is occupying me. Perhaps it’s time I lack, or maybe confidence to share it with the blog world. But I believe both will come.


The lovely thing about blogging is that you just send out things that you want to share; there is no pressure to perform to a deadline or create a specific document. And you know that we will love to hear whatever you want to share with us, whenever you want to share.

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