How to fail.  Epically. 

Life is a little busy at the moment. In a day or two I will have time to write properly about it. In the meantime read Danny Gregory’s post about experimenting and playing with wild abandon. I have been trying to do a little of this lately.

Danny Gregory

I just read that Roadies has been cancelled. So was Vinyl. No one gives a shit about TV shows about the music industry. It can’t be mythologized. It’s dead. Whoda thunk it ten years ago? What about publishing ? Another myth-ridden beast, gasping. As is advertising, replaced by algorithms and fast-forward buttons. Newspapers are folding. Movies, yawn. Trump blew up the conventional. Apple can’t do the job without Jobs. Even flossing has been debunked.

Change is afoot. Rampant.

Why should you escape unscathed?

What if the rules that always worked, suddenly don’t ? How will you survive?

Here’s a thought:

Instead of fleeing failure, what if you embrace it?


Drop excuses.

Cut your safety line.

Make shit. Wild shit. See if it sticks to the wall. If not, archive the lesson, open a new file, repeat.

Take a massive risk that could destroy everything. Make it worth it.

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By anne54

Botanic artist

2 replies on “How to fail.  Epically. ”

I think I’ve been learning how to fail since I published Vokhtah, almost four years ago now. But the best part of failing is learning why you wanted to win in the first place. I learned that I wanted to tell stories, whether anyone else read them -gulp- or not. That can be immensely liberating. 🙂


I’m not playing or being terribly wild with art-making – but that is because I just moved house, and I can’t “find everything”…in fact I believe there will be a lot of wild playing when I do actually get back to the easel/work table:-)


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