The Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbook

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbook #6

It has come as a (little) shock to me to realise that I have not told you about the adventures of the Sketchbook since it left Kate’s place in North Queensland. It has had a number of adventures since then, but if you need to get up to speed with the Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbook, check out the Sisterhood blog or my separate page, which also needs updating.

After Kate had finished her fabric feather, she sent the Sketchbook on its way to Sandra, aka Lady Red Specs. She was inspired by her grandfather and eggplants to create a wonderful still life of those vegetables, along with a recipe for ratatouille. You can see her page and read about why she was moved to draw them on the Sisterhood blog here.

Once Sandra had finished her lovely creation the Sketchbook was off to Megan, aka Chas. Chas was delighted to see it and her contribution was a map of her bike trip from her house to the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. Head to the Sisterhood blog to see the overall map and marvel at her little details.

Then it was off again, to Sandi, not so far this time, only a little way out of Melbourne. Sandi is a fine poet, a wordsmith. Her contribution was a poem, chosen “for its light-heartedness, and reference to embroidery.” It is a beautiful poem, ‘The Explorer’, just perfect for the Sketchbook.

It had finished its Australian leg and when Sandi sent it to Alys in California it was really international! Alys’ contribution was different again. She took all the pages so far and made them into a paper quilt, adding her own little square. It is so like her to unite people. She sent me some photos:

You must read Alys’ delightful post on why she has photos of the squirrels in the first place.

Now the Sketchbook is safely in Sue’s hands. I can’t wait to see what treasure she will add.

Are you like me and just blown away by not only the quality of the contributions, but also their variety? And it still has a long way to go!

I am also humbled by how much delight the Sketchbook creates, and not only with the Sisterhood itself. My Mum is one of its best fans! These are some of the reactions from some Sisters who have held the Sketchbook:

Sandi: The tingle of awe I felt was unexpected. I had reality, wrapped up, in my hands, and I couldn’t wait to touch it.

Chas: To hold Anne’s beautifully bound sketchbook which already has 3 superb pieces in it is a little intimidating. The works are truly far more special to see close up.

Little did I realise, when this sketchbook was only a small tingle of an idea, that it would be something to inspire and delight. I think Alys has summed it up well with her tag of ‘Stitching and friendship around the globe’.

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Wow, Anne this brilliant project is doing so well, and is so interesting, those creative sisters are coming up with such wonderful offerings. Keep the wheel turning.

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I was so pleased to have a couple of little fabric “sketches” already made when the book came into my hands. They were bits of intuitive piecing I’d done that, once complete to that stage, I didn’t know what to do with. Turns out they were just waiting to be included in the Travelling Sketchbook! I’ve tried several times to embellish them and put them to use in other ways/places but it never worked out. Now they are telling me clearly what to do next. Any creator has to love it when that happens!

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Anne, thank you for sharing my entry. I’ve had such a good time with this project. Your traveling sketchbook is warming hearts around the world, and what fun to be a part of it. In reading your update, I see I’ve missed a few write ups. Thanks for including the links. xo


Hi Anne – so far behind and just catching up on some of the Sketchbook posts. I’m also wondering if we mightn’t send off another book around the world for 2017? – I’d be happy to kick off this time but of course your lovely bound pages would be perfect to have again.


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