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Botanic illustration and flower painting

Jan McDonald, the Rare Books Librarian at the State Library of Victoria, uses two books from the collection to show the difference between botanic illustration and flower painting.

One book contains depictions of Australian plants collected by scientific illustrator Austrian Ferdinand Bauer. The other, by the decorative French painter of flowers Pierre-Joseph Redouté, captures the blooms growing in Josephine Bonaparte’s garden at Malmaison

And exploration of Australia played a key part in the creation of both books. Enjoy!

Jan McDonald on botanical books

[BTW can anyone ~ Meeks? 🙂 ~ remind me how to embed a video? I can’t seem to do it at the moment 😦 ]

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On my lappie, in YouTube you get a Share icon under the screen, click on that, select Embed and it gives you the code to insert the hyperlink…
Thank you for this lovely link, I really enjoyed the discussion of the difference between botanical and flower illustration.


I do pretty much what the other commenters suggest except I just use the ordinary ‘Share’ option in my posts. Oh, and once you click share you should see the link highlighted in blue in a box below. On your keyboard press the Ctrl key and the C key at the same time [or Ctrl first then C]. That will copy the link to your clipboard. Now go to your post, position the cursor where you want the video clip to go and press the Ctrl key and the V key at the same time [or Ctrl first then V]. This will paste the link into your post and display it as a video. 🙂


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