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A big, warm thank you to those who responded to my last post about my brain taking time off. I am fine, but am artistically working at a slower pace. And I am so pleased to be back blogging again.

I know that I want to blog because I am hearing that blogging voice in my head again. Not a scary voice in my head, just me composing blogs about the things I come across during the day. Most of them never get written, much less published, but I enjoy them, sort of a diary of my life. For example, as I was driving to my hairdresser, about a 20 minute trip, I was musing about how contemplative I find driving and I started to mentally write a blog post about it. I hasten to add that I was still driving very competently. In fact what I was thinking was how doing the routine driving tasks ~ changing gears, monitoring the traffic, etc ~ freed up a part of my brain to think about other things.

Do you have that blogging voice too?

In that last post, where I was wondering about my creativity at the moment, I mentioned something that had fired my creative juices.

I have always loved yarns and textiles. They have been more of a constant in my life than paints. At school I did Craft rather than Art and I remember the delight of learning how to smock and embroider, and even basket weave. So while I don’t talk about much about these projects, I usually have something involving threads on the go. I made bags for a few years and used embroidery and beading to decorate them.

You will also remember how fascinated I became with the melaleucas on Flinders Island. EllaDee mentioned that from the photos she “could see the potential for a textural approach.” Gradually that thought about using the photos as a reference, moved from the back of my mind to the front, and I started working on representations. This is one of the photos I used as inspiration

Mt Strzelecki National Park, Flinders Island (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson, 2015)

One of the early tapestries

(Photo copyright: Anne Lawson, 2015)

This is the latest in the series of about four tapestries. You can see how I am much more adventurous with the stitching, and how it helps me to create texture and depth. I think it makes a more vibrant and interesting work.

About a month ago I was trawling Pinterest and saw a weaving loom that I just had to buy. I followed the link to the Etsy shop of the Unusual Pear and bought a simple loom about A4 size.

My new loom from the Unusual Pear. The weaving is a sample that I used with kids from the holiday programme. (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2016)

I immediately knew how I was going to combine some weaving with the tapestry. It was the answer to that excellent creativity question “What if…..I created a rock with weaving and added that to a tapestry?” After a short practice I had a woven rock intended to be the massive rock face that was at the entrance to a valley in the national park. And I had a little feeling of creative excitement.

This is where I up to at the moment.

Tapestry, with woven rock, work in progress (Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2016)

The white stuff are the threads for the weaving that I am binding into the back of the tapestry. It’s not quite how I envisaged it, and I think it is too tonally similar. Next time I will try for a lighter grey for the rock, and try to work more variation in it. It is very much a work in progress ~ I have to add the waterfall and the other side of the valley and the background, and I am gong to work into the rock some more. That said, I think the idea is an interesting one, and worth considering for other works.

Close up of the work in progress (Art work and photo copyright: Anne Lawson, 2016)

So something satisfying has emerged from the “holiday” I have been having lately.

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30 replies on “Tapestry”

aha… change your thoughts, your mind and then your direction but within a perimeter that fits… I hope that what intend to do with my art-making is also the way forward. Hope to blog about it later this week…

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I confess I’ve also been thinking about doing it in fabric rather than embroidery. If I make it from 1″ squares I’d be able to achieve quite a good blending of the colours and forms. But I’d probably get round to it sooner as a tapestry. Oh, the decisions…


I love the idea of it being down in fabric, although one inch squares seems daunting. However I understand that you would need to have them small to be able to get the blending necessary. But so much work! Perhaps it could be a mix of fabric and embroidery ~ using stitches to help add texture and detail.


I’m thinking I might fuse the patches to a backing, and work over them with machine stitching to hold them down. Embroidery on top is definitely a possibility. This isn’t going to be a bed quilt, so I don’t need to worry about washability and fraying edges.

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Thank you! I like the challenge of finding the right yarns for the effect I want. It is like sketching in that I can easily pick it up and then put it down. You can’t do that with bigger paintings.


Yes, I am painting with yarn. Sometimes when I am painting I think about creating the marks like embroidery, so there is obviously a big cross over already happening in my brain.
Glad to know that I am not the only one who has a running blogging commentary in my mind! They become a sound track to my life. 🙂


I write blog posts in my head all the time… I’m pleased to hear I’m not alone. Beyond that though currently blog posts aren’t manifesting but I figure I’m creating future material, and taking lots of pics as a day diary & memory trigger.
I love the textural art you’re working on, and the thought of wearable art is intriguing. More and more I’m drawn to things which have a purpose as well as style-beauty-artistic merit.


I love seeing your photos on Instagram – you are going to the most interesting paces. I wonder how all these experiences will express themselves, because I am sure they will surface somewhere in your life. In your writing maybe?
Art that has a purpose is an interesting idea. Then there are those who take fabrics that have had a purpose (tea towels, doilies, quilts etc) and make them into art.

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Yes I have a blogging voice in my head, often as I am settling down to sleep, by morning it never sounds so good. The photo you shared is very textural, begging out for stitching. Look forward to seeing what happens next.


[…] There are two sorts of embroidery I am doing. One is on tapestry canvas. I have found beautiful merino wool from Fibreworks; it is the right weight for the work I am doing and Gill dyes the wool to create colours of the Australian bush. Perfect weight, perfect variegated colours. I use my photos for inspiration, set up some compositional guidelines and then sit on the couch, in the warmth and sew. You can read a tapestry post  here. […]


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