The Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbook

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbook #3

An update on the Sisterhood….

We are now 12 members, and have members in Europe and the United Kingdom. So our little sketchbook will be travelling around the world!! That’s exciting news. Adding to the members from last time  we have:

  • Sandi from Wandin East in Victoria
  • Viv from France (I think she is in the north) and
  • Lynn who is in the south of France
  • Constanze who lives in Munich
  • and Lucy Ann in Kent, UK

[Apologies to Sandi and Constanze if you have blogs that I can’t find to link to. Also Chas, can you send me your postal address?]

So, I am going to work on the sketchbook this week. I did ask about more than one sketchbook, but I think that we will keep it at one for the time being. We can always send around another if we are having too much fun for one! Then I hope to launch the Sketchbook next week, send it off to visit the first person.

If you have joined the Sisterhood ~ and there is still time ~ later this week I will send you an email with the list of addresses and emails, and more detailed info about the project. This might be about as much structure as the whole thing gets!

I have been thinking about the finished sketchbook. We obviously have ages to decide what we would like to do, but I am wondering if we raffle/auction it and donate the money to an organisation for women’s health…… I suppose I should get it made first!

On a completely different note… there is only a few more days for you to use the coupon code in my Etsy shop, AnneLawsonArt. It gives you 10% off your purchase and is valid to the end of April. Just use the code APRIL16.

11 replies on “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Sketchbook #3”

Hi Ladyredspecs, nice to meet you! Yes it is a small world especially as Wandin East is such a small place. The community hall and the tennis courts are still the centre of town. I’ve been here 22 years. Sandi


My kids were in the last Grade 6 before the Wandin East PSschool closed. We lived off Queens Rd near Cherryhill Orchards, I think they’ve since named the track Roger ps Lane


I had an aha moment during one of my early not quite asleep not quite awak moments this morning for my contribution to tbe sketchbook. I’ll now spend my time gainfully gathering bitsnpieces and working on the ideas 😊The sketchbook will be a great way for me to get some creativity started.


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