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First World Problems

I know that expression “First World Problems” has become something of a cliche. However, I like it because it helps me to put problems into perspective. Things have been going a little awry here, and they were starting to make me very grumpy. Then I realised that they were First World Problems, and easily, if frustratingly, dealt with.

The main problem was that my big computer decided not to start up. It was my own fault. We were having ceiling fans installed and needed to turn off the power. I had forgotten to turn off the computer before the power went off and it had a little hissy fit. I had a much bigger one when I found out that I couldn’t get it started.

It was a very simple thing, and the technician said that the computer probably fixed itself in the car on the way to the shop. I just wish the computer or the first technician had told me that when I dropped it off a week ago.

It’s not as though I didn’t have computer access. The iPad was just fine, but I am used to doing somethings on the big computer. (See what I mean about First World Problems?) One of those was blogging, which doesn’t work well for me on the WordPress App. Does any one else have that problem? So I haven’t been blogging and I haven’t been reading your blogs….now it is full steam ahead!

I must tell you my exciting news ~ tomorrow I am going to meet up with not one, but two bloggy friends! It turns out that both Kate and Elladee are in Melbourne and we are going to have lunch in the Botanic Gardens. It will be a delight to meet the wonderful, generous, interesting women that live those blogs. What fun!

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I’m with you. I thought I might be able to do it all on the tablet, but somehow the desktop seems more solid. We had a lovely catch up, and I hear that EllaDee made it to Warrendyte too.


Yes, we had lunch at the woodfired bakery and it was like meeting up with old friends. Even the Offspring was chatting and comfortable. It was a lovely catch up. One day you and I should meet for coffee somewhere too. lol Maybe halfway!


I can’t wait! Nothing to beat human interaction to make other problems seem a bit trivial. But rootling around in my suitcase this evening I realise that I have been an utter doombrain and have left at home the thing I was going to bring for you, so I’ll have to get your address and mail it to you when I get home…


I thought so – perfectly appropriate because of your work, and ditto because it’s one of my favourite spots in the city. The view always makes up for any deficiencies of service, and that omelette was fabulous! I won’t be able to get to the post office today, but your present will be on its way this week. I checked, and I do already have your address. Let’s do it again sometime – next time, I’ll bring the Husband of Chiconia, who always wants to meet my blogging buddies!


Next time may be up at your place, with the lush tropical garden. I’d love to see it all! Glad the omelette was tasty, and that the bread crumbs didn’t give you grief.


We don’t talk about side effects, it’s not delicate! Suffice it to say it was manageable.
What can I say to lure you up here? Beautiful maroon new leaves on the mango trees, huge elephant ear and monstera leaves, the rattle of palm fronds, tiny green froglets and gigantic brown grasshoppers, a tiny tree covered with polished dark green marbles – baby mandarins slowly ripening… you know you want to!


It was, Sandi. They are as delightful in person as they are on their blogs! I guess that even though on our blogs we choose what parts of ourselves to show, our personalities do come through.


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