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Getting ready for 2016

Ahh, I am back here on my blog.

I have been busy this January, both in the real world with the holiday programme job and in the visual world. I have travelled to Instagram Land, FaceBook World and Pinterest Place. I want to tell you of my adventures, but it will wait for the next post.

But now I am home again. And the blogging world does seem like home. I feel that I am sitting on my comfy red chair, surrounded by friends and catching up on all the news. There may even be a glass of wine in there!

I am not someone who makes New Year’s Resolutions, but I do feel that 2016 will be different. After I returned from my Artist in Residency fortnight on Flinders Island I found myself becoming more serious about my art, wanting to move it onto ‘the next level’. I have been pondering what that actually means. Thoughts have swirled around, I have written ideas down, I have investigated some things, and I could feel things starting to come together.

What emerged in December was the word Professional. I had a direction so it was time to create some of the sign posts.

I love using graphic organisers. They help me to make sense of my thoughts. They also demand that I use coloured pens, another thing I love! So my first graphic organiser was an acrostic poem. The key words came really easily, which indicated that all of this was coming together at just the right moment. Then I did a brainstorm to expand out the ideas. [Yep, they are colour coded!]

So Professional for me is making my name as an artist. There are many things involved in that ~ practical and intellectual tasks, changing some habits, like not procrastinating 🙂 and exploring new avenues. However, the key has to be to produce a body of work to show others.

It is reassuring to recognise that I am not starting from scratch with this. I already have a lot of experience with online selling through the Etsy shop and therefore I have a range of work to showcase. I had my first wholesale order too; that required me coming to grips with quite a few things.  Over the last year I set up a system to allocate time to my various projects, and it still works well. [And again, yep, they are colour coded!]

Pages from last year’s organisational diary

Also, as a result of the time on Flinders Island I have quite a few things on the go that are not stock for the shop. It is this body of work that I need to build up too, as I hope this will become the exhibition.

So I am both consolidating and learning, becoming more focussed while letting my mind run free! It will be a good year, because wherever I am in twelve months time I will have created and learnt. And used a few coloured pens along the way!


5 replies on “Getting ready for 2016”

Anne, I’m fascinated! You’ve got a clear plan, goals and objectives and a wonderful way to organize it all. I look forward to reading more about his journey. You have great talent. Kudos for taking this to the next level.


I’ve been and still am slightly at crossroads in my art practice – you might be aware I’m doing a Diploma in Art/Creativity and as I draw to the end of it my “making” is the big bulk of the week-hours. One of the last things my Mentor said before summer holidays was “watch our for the rabbit warren” possibly meaning “stick to your original art goal” – so that is been a big part of summer time – thinking.

I think I may have “nailed it” but time will tell when next the Mentor and myself getting into a meaningful chat in a couple of weeks…


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