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So much for making this a monthly post! It is well over a month since the first one…but that’s okay. It’s been a busy time.

If you would like to show us what has been happening in your creative space over the last little while, write a post about it and then link to it in the comments. (When I get really clever I will learn how to do a blog roll thingy at the side of the blog.) That way we will be able to see what other creative people have been up to. It doesn’t have to be a finished product, it may be a new paint brush you got from Santa or a poem that has inspired a short story or something that you have been working on.

Today I am going to show you a variety of things.

Firstly, this little box was a gift from my brother. Yep, it was a box of pastels, from Japan. (My brother loves Japan.) Like so many Japanese things, it was packaged beautifully.


Take off the lid….


take out the “Welcome to your new pastels” note (as I don’t speak Japanese I am choosing to translate it as that!)…..


take out the piece of paper that tells you the colours (I am more confident about that translation) to reach the pastels. Each one is about 2 cms.


Don’t you just love the treasures in little boxes ~ and thoughtful brothers?!

I also have a gift voucher from my Mum (xox).  It is from my favourite art supply shop, Melbourne Art Supplies. I love browsing in art shops almost as much as I love spending gift vouchers.


You won’t be surprised to know what my Christmas presents to the family were this year ~ sketchbooks! Remember when I went a bit crazy over making sketchbooks? Some of you accepted my offer to send you one. Well, I went into sketchbook making mode again. I decided to make three different sizes, all with different covers. I put them in a box and let people choose the one they wanted. It was okay if they didn’t want one, but I was pretty certain that most would. My family loves projects and recording things, especially in handmade notebooks.

The photo, which I put on one cover, is my grandpa setting sail for WW1. He looks so young, and fortunately he came home again.

You may be curious about the work behind the gift voucher. I had a lovely time playing with images of fungi, repeating, flipping, turning to make these patterns. Because I was giving myself time to play, my mind was free to think about other things I could do. So I added coloured pencil and worked on black paper. I hope to show you those some time. They are not an end product, although often my mind tries to make them one. At the moment they simply are patterns on my noticeboard.

Lastly, in my studio are things to hold my brushes and pens and pencils. I use things that I am fond of.

This delightful mug was decorated by Xavier a gorgeous boy I taught in Grade One. Look how he made the dragon go right around the mug!

The ceramic brush holder was a present from my friend Tess. It has a wonderful African abstract embellishment. The water mug is a tea cup I brought back from Russia. I got carried away over there, thinking I was going to drink tea out of glass mugs with interesting holders. The fancy didn’t last long, but I enjoy using it as I paint.

Who can resist the fancy cardboard cylinders that Chinese tea comes in? Or a shiny milk jug? Or the flat pencil case just the right size for my pencils?

What do you keep your bibs and bobs in?

Go on, tell us what has been happening in your creative space over the past while. I’d love to know.

18 replies on “In My Studio”

i don’t have a dedicated studio, a series of spare spaces in the house, just this last week, I knew there was a small quantity of charcoal on my workbench [read old door on trestle] but where, so of course more or less everything taken off middle parts of bench – and yep, found the charcoal but not got any further with its use – other than putting on easel race…


I understand those spare spaces in the house. I used to work from the kitchen table. Now I love having my Playroom, where everything is set up for me ~ and the mess is completely my own! I hope you get to use that charcoal soon. Let me know how it goes.

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That is indeed a beautiful box of pastels. What a thoughtful brother. And your sketch books to your family are equally gorgeous. I also have special mugs and containers for my brushes and pens. One is a mug with a cat painted on the face, but what really makes it unique is the handle. It’s shaped like an cat arching it’s back.

I’m glad life is busy, Anne.


Hmm…that’s a hard one. The first story I ever tried to write began as an idea about taxation of all things. But that was really just the intro into the world building. Most of my stories usually begin with a character. All kind of abstract though. 😦


I love these peeks into your studio. You truly inspire me. The pastels are great… I’m always enthralled by the rainbow colours. And I love the receptacles you re-purpose for holders… we do that too. I might do an In My Studio post in the next few days to share a few pics of my favourite room in our new-old house 🙂


So pleased to see you post about your new space EllaDee. It looks like a wonderful place to be creative in. I am very envious of the door to the veranda. Image being able to just wander out to enjoy the outside.
Jump over to EllaDee’s blog to see her new studio (aka the Backroom!)


Hi Anne, I’ve come to this because of EllaDees In My Studio. I love your line drawings, they’re beauttiful. I might join the fray too, for the first time in decades I have my own creative space, for drawing, painting, sewing, photography although it’s currently been taken over by grand kids as a bedroom. Maybe you should begin a link up in a similar style to IMK 😀


Welcome! We would love to have a peek into your creative space, so do join the fray! I am happy to have the link in my comments. When I get clever, and more time, I hope to put in a blog roll thingy for people’s posts. Meanwhile the comments will have to do.


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