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Slow days and Instagram

I seem to be taking it easy lately. I say seem to be because it wasn’t my intention. I am starting my holiday programme work next week and that gets pretty full on. So I wanted to Get Things Done ~ drawings on Etsy and blog posts and work on my other paintings ~ because I won’t have much time over the next few weeks. But that hasn’t happened, and that’s okay.

Christmas was lovely. On Christmas Eve the Fella and I went to Somers, a little seaside town on the Mornington Peninsular. Mum was there too. For Christmas lunch we cooked pancakes and ate them with smoked salmon, sour cream and salad. Yum!

The weather was hot and windy. On the other side of Victoria bushfires raged along the Great Ocean Road, and many homes were burnt. We lounged around reading, and kept an ear on the radio for any threat of fire near us. Fortunately there weren’t any. Then in the evening the wind dropped and it was a perfect night for a walk along the beach.

To top it off, the full moon was rising behind us.

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However, some things were ticked off my To Do List, like joining Instagram.

I am learning things about myself and social media. Such as I take my time to join up, which is odd, as in other areas I am quite impulsive and jump in. Part of my hesitation is knowing that they are worm holes of time that you wander down! I am often short of time.

I joined Facebook first, and added a page for my art work. Then came Pinterest. The spur for doing was that I could see many views in my Etsy shop were from it. Now I am on Instagram. Along the way I have joined some other sites, but lost interest. I am curious to watch how I use and respond to social media sites. I will write more when I have pondered some more. Which sites you use and why? I would love to hear your experiences in the comments.

So far I am enjoying Instagram. I am amazed at how quickly people seem to find my photos ~ a couple have been “liked” seconds after I have posted them! Anyway, if you are on Instagram and would like me to follow you, leave me your details in the comments. It’s always nice meeting up in different areas, sort of like seeing good friends in a variety of different bars, or coffee shops!

My username is @annelawson54 Let’s meet up!

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Not on Instagram so can’t give you a hoy! but I can understand why you’re getting the traffic from these highly visual social media sites – you’re an artist, and a good one too. :p


I am finding that the descriptions on Instagram are often rather gushy. I posted a photo with the description “I am so loving working on these feathers….” and realised I was getting caught up in the whole over-the-top style!

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I’m not on IG, principally because it’s all about the image, and I’m more for the written word. I confess it sometimes annoys me when I spot something on Pinterest I like, I click on it for more information, and it’s just an IG image. No explanation, no background, just the picture. I like information, I like to know who, why, when, and blogging delivers that in a way IG doesn’t. I’m not on Facebook either, since I don’t think my life and the daily doings of others is that fascinating. I joined Twitter as a favour to a friend, so she could show her boss some activity on her account. I let it lapse quickly, as again, I don’t find the traffic interesting. Somehow, I manage to struggle along without them…!


I am so glad you are managing to struggle along without social media. There is sure to be a site that can give guidance and comfort when needed!
My blog will always feel like home as I love having the time and space to expand on ideas. One of the things I am learning about social media is that the sites have their own reasons to be on them. If there is no reason, then there is no point. Twitter is something I have never been interested in, and Facebook only holds limited appeal.


I’m dln011, and I’ve followed you. I love Instagram because it’s so visual. I do FB to keep up with family and friends but I’m fortunate to also have the acquaintance of some wonderful Instagrammers 🙂


Thanks for the follow.
I have been thinking of you and wondering how the move went. Did you have Christmas in Taylor’s Arm? It must be wonderful to wake up there every morning.


I tried twitter as well, but it wasn’t something I wanted to stay with – so that’s gone. As an newly emerging [reborn, in slightly different way] artist I am still at the stage of “nutting it all out” – I may have a look at IG. I have a random kind of blog where I post all kinds of things about my life/other. I use f/b in some ways more as a snippet of my daily life…I don’t have oodles of “friends” rather I use to communicate with close friends & family, so they know I’m still doing something 🙂


I think these sites are made for visual artists like us. I am still nutting it out too, but I think I am a little further along the track than you are! One thing I am learning about is presenting myself. There is a fine line between “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!” and “look at my work but you won’t like anything…..”, between in your face and self deprecating. Keep experimenting and find the sites you are comfortable with. They don’t cost anything to join, and the ones that suit are a lot of fun.

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Anne, lots to chat about here. Your beach photos are lovely. I’m glad you and the fella had a nice getaway. I had not heard of the Victoria fires, so this post prompts me to check on another friend there. Thank you for inadvertently pointing me in her direction.

I’m a bit of a social media junkie, so it’s funny that I haven’t really jumped on Instagram. I have two accounts on Facebook (as Alys Milner and a page for my business Organized at Heart). I have a LinkedIn account for professional reasons, and I’m also on Twitter, but with half a heart. I have two blogs, Gardening Nirvana and Organized at Heart. Pinterest is the biggest dark hole. It’s addicting, isn’t it?

My 15 year old son likes SnapChat, Instagram and Twitter. He figured out the system on Twitter and amassed 30,000 followers. Clever young man. He doesn’t reveal anything private, including his name and location.

I’m glad you are taking it easy before the next big push in 2016. Happy New Year, Anne.


30,000 is fantastic! And so sensible of him to control his privacy. This discussion is helping me to realise the obvious — that we stay with the sites that we feel comfortable on, know how to work in them, and can see some reason being in. The reason changes with different sites. I have a much better idea of why I am on, and not on, sites and I hope that will help me use my time better.
I hope your friend is okay. Fortunately there has been no loss of life, unfortunately many houses have been burnt to the ground.


Privacy is paramount when you’re under 18. It’s always important, but I would never let him have an account at 15 without it. He’s got a good head on his shoulders and values his privacy so all is well.

I’m glad you’ve sorted out the various sites. Thanks to you Anne, I’ve re-energized my Instagram account. 🙂

I’m happy to hear that there has been no loss of life. I’ve sent my friend an email hoping to hear back soon. Homes burnt to the ground is horrible. And the terrible flooding in the UK and here in the midwest.


Taking everything easy is a great thing. I’m ok with knowing that I cannot be absolutely everywhere and all the time. Followers can be bought and likes, too. I don’t think it’s that much about numbers as it is about real communication and interaction. When one has thousands of followers and no comments that just shows that there are no real followers or anybody interested. It’s great you’re on IG. I’m on all sites which allow posting with one click from the blog, but since I am not following up, it makes very little sense. Blogging is the best thing when one wants and has what to say.
Your images are beautiful.
Happy New Year!


I agree with you, Inese. It is so easy to click “like” and then dismiss the image. Real communication is the key, just as it is in the offline world. And yes, my blog is my favourite place to be online. Happy, creative New Year to you too.


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