In My Kitchen

In my kitchen this month are the wonderful fruits and vegetables of summer ~ the first mangoes and avocados, apricots and other stone fruit, asparagus. There is nothing like the first tastes and scents of these delights.

These lovely fresh ingredients make great salads, simple, easy.


In my kitchen are the last of the homegrown peas, but the beans and corn seeds have sprouted in the garden. I have also harvested quite a few kilos of potatoes and thirteen garlic knobs.  The strawberries are still cropping.

In my kitchen were these little treats. Actually a friend and I ate them in her kitchen 🙂 I bought them from my nut stall at the Victoria Market. The nut stall has the most delicious lemon flavoured almonds, but I digress…. I don’t know the name of these pastries. They were very similar to baclava, without the honey syrup. Very tasty once you realised they weren’t sweet.


In my kitchen is a new packet of dashi powder. Dashi is a Japanese stock and I use it to make teriyaki salmon. I love boxes of things that I can’t read. My brother is teaching himself Japanese and he was able to read some of the other words on the box. Unfortunately, while he could read them he didn’t know what they meant. I gave him the job of translating the recipe on the back of the box! 😉

In my kitchen is my yoghurt maker. Thank you to everyone last month who gave me suggestions to make it thicker. I haven’t been very successful YET, but I have been persistent! In the last batch I heated the milk, added some milk powder and was quite strict about the time I left it to set. It was a little thicker, but still a way to go. It will not defeat me ~ I am going to make thicker yoghurt!

In my kitchen is a new tap for the water filter. I broke the other one when I knocked it with my elbow. This stainless steel job should be impervious to accidental knocks.


In my kitchen is a recipe from Aunty Helen. It goes like this:

Quick Crustless Quiche

4 eggs, beaten

1 1/2 cups milk

1 zucchini, carrot, potato, all grated (but really, you can use whatever is lurking in the fridge ~ it is a great recipe for this)

1 onion, diced

1 cup grated cheese

Chopped parsley. Also add in thyme, chives, oregano, whatever

  1. set oven at 200 C; brush quiche pan with oil
  2. Combine all ingredients except 1/2 cup of cheese
  3. Pour into quiche pan and sprinkle cheese on top
  4. Bake 15 mins at 200 C then reduce to 160C for 20 -25 minutes until set.

Aunty Helen’s notes go on to say “I make this often ~ we have small serves and it does us 3 meals with vegetables”. She does eat like the proverbial sparrow. 🙂

This last one is almost in my kitchen…..We have watched Bob the Pigeon for a few years now. He patrols the area outside our back window and perches in the maple tree. But now he has a mate, Bobina. Sensibly they built their nest tucked under our eaves in the safety of the grapevine. I can only get glimpses but thought you might like to have a peek too. [Apologies for the terrible photo.]


In My Kitchen is hosted each month by Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. This will be the last time Celia hosts the series. After five years she is handing the baton to Maureen at The Orgasmic Chef; I am sure she will do a fabulous job. So many thanks to Celia for giving us the opportunity to get inspiration from her kitchen and others around the world. She has allowed so many connections and friendships to flourish. (BTW, you must jump over to Celia’s post and check out her chocolate chess set!)


18 Comments Add yours

  1. I often use Japanese wood soup, is one such package, they taste more natural and delicious, I always used to soup or stir-fry, it really is very delicious!


    1. anne54 says:

      I like it too. It is a nice change from ordinary stock cubes like beef and chicken. I hadn’t thought of using it in str-fries, but I will certainly give it a try.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. catmab says:

    So lovely to see summer. We are in the depths of winter and floods everywhere.


    1. anne54 says:

      Depths of winter and floods ~ I am glad that my summer goodies could bring you some warmth. Stay warm and dry.


      1. catmab says:

        Thanks. London is just on high terror alert but my friend in Cumbria has had her home flooded for the second time in six years. So much damage is done by rain and water.


  3. Lisa says:

    That salad looks so delicious. Summer is my favourite season, all the stone fruit and fresh goodies.

    I wish I had beans and corn seedlings still. Despite my best efforts, the determined chickens bested my fence and ate my lovely seedlings down to the roots. No beans and corn in the garden this summer. Nor tomatoes, capsicum or a rogue pumpkin either. At least there are eggs! I look forward to watching your garden progress instead 🙂


    1. anne54 says:

      Those pesky chickens! I hope they ate the weeds as well as the seedlings. 🙂 You are welcome to follow my gardening efforts, such as they are, but come the hot weather, I think they will frizzle easily.


  4. What wonderful produce! Jealous!


    1. anne54 says:

      I have never been successful with peas before, so I am delighted with this crop. I think the regular worm juice is the key. And I am trying to water regularly ~ even getting the Fella on the job in the morning!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Aren’t the summer crops just wonderful – those pastries look great as do your paintings in the side bar – I just adore feathers!! Do you sell them?
    Warm regards, Jan x


    1. anne54 says:

      Those summer fruits and veggies are so evocative and while I love winter root vegetables, carrots, pumpkin etc, they don’t quite do it for me! As for my paintings, yes i do feel them I have an Etsy shop AnneLawsonArt or you can click on the photo of the feather at the top of the sidebar. [Your question has made me realise that the link is not as obvious as I thought!]


  6. acflory says:

    The crustless quiche sounds delicious. May have to give it a try [as soon as the weather cools down again].


  7. fergie51 says:

    Isn’t it wonderful enjoying the fruits of summer coming in. Not long till I can buy a box of mangoes at the Dandy Market and pig out on them with my son. Love Bob the pigeons hidey house and I would have no idea how to work out what was in that box! Cheers, Maree 🙂


    1. anne54 says:

      Thanks for visiting. Sorry it has taken an age to reply, but life is a bit like that at the moment. I hope you are currently enjoying all those mangoes and escaping the heat. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. fergie51 says:

        Spooky! This morning bought a box and we have just devoured a few. Trying to pretend it’s not really 40 degrees. Cheers.


  8. Gretchen says:

    I am so jealous of your fresh produce as we are in winter here. I remind myself spring is soon enough and I’ll be getting my seedlings started. Your quiche looks wonderful as well, similar to mine but I use crust. Of course with the three boys we rarely have any left after one meal now!


  9. EllaDee says:

    Crustless quiche -with a bit of flour in the mix- is an old family standby as well as the more recent fridgtata -without flour.
    I love the summer produce. We’ve made the happy switch from winter braises to summer fruits & veg… The G.O. has been enjoying fruit salad for smoko… what is it about men and chopped up fruit!
    I’m happy for Bob & Bobina, how lovely to have them as feathered neighbours.


  10. It’s a joy to have a bird nesting so close to a viewing window. Good luck to Bob and Bobina, I understand that pigeons are quite loyal partners. I just clicked on your etsy page, wonderful art! I have marked it as a favorite. We are remodeling our cabin on the N CA coast and I am looking for art (we are big bird fans).


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