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A new project

In October a customer, Nikki, bought one of my feather drawings through Etsy. A little while later she approached me about an order for her new online store! And today I sent off the drawings…..How fantastic is that?!

I have created a series of ink feathers for exclusively for her; they will not be available on Etsy. I used a fountain pen and water soluble ink to draw them. Because the ink smudges with water I was able to make the downy part of the feather much softer and fluffier than I have been able to get with non-soluble ink pens.

[The purple stripes are sticky strips that allowed me to number them to allow Nikki to make a selection.]

Working with Nikki was the spur to changing my Etsy shop name.

The shop is Thirteen and Market. It is going to be opened in January, and I will certainly let you know when it does. But there is also Facebook and Instagram pages, where Nikki is showcasing items in the shop. I have to say, I thought my feather drawing looked very handsome in its gold frame on Facebook.

Interesting to see how one interaction, in this case on Etsy, can lead to something wider.

And speaking of interactions…..remember you can show us what is happening in your creative world by leaving a comment on my previous post In My Studio.


13 replies on “A new project”

Thank you. I have a very laid back attitude to it, because, fortunately I am not relying on it to eat and pay the bills. I created my first invoice through PayPal — #0001!


Oh, the feather does look nice in the gold frame…and those little pumpkins with it are adorable, too! 😀 You do such beautiful work…I’m so happy it was recognized by the lovely people at Thirteen and Market. 😀


That feather was the one Nikki bought, which she used as a giveaway on her Instagram account to advertise the shop. Those pumpkins are cute. Her sense of styling in this photo gives me confidence that she will get the shop looking good.

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Yes, I was pretty chuffed when she approached me, although it was rather foreign territory for me. It is good to have my work selling (or hopefully selling!) in another place, and someone else doing all the marketing work!


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