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And the winner is……

Image and photo copyright: Anne Lawson
Image and photo copyright: Anne Lawson

Well, the feather drawing has a home to go to.

I wrote out your names and put them into the GoodLuck Bowl (aka the old ice cream container!). If you look closely you can see your piece of paper there….right there… next to the other folded piece of paper….

The GoodLuck Bowl
The GoodLuck Bowl

Then the Fella, who does a wonderful impression of a Barrel Girl πŸ˜€ pulled out the winning name

Anne Marie, from Denmark.


A big thank you to everyone who left a comment. They were all very positive and heart warming, and told me that the name change was the right thing to do. This blogging world is an amazing place. A special mention to Meeks, who reblogged and Tweeted the post to give me more exposure. She is a fine author and her books are available on Amazon.

The sad news is that not everyone could win. 😦 The good news is that you can buy a similar feather in my Etsy shop. But if you don’t feel like going through Etsy, have a chat to me here or via and we can sort it out.

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