5 delights and 5 downs of coming home

You all know what it is like to come home after a holiday.

The Downs List:

  1. Traffic. We hadn’t seen a traffic light from Mildura to Portland, but we knew we were coming home because of the traffic and the traffic lights and the frustrations created by silly drivers.
  2. Cleaning etc. I have done 7 loads of washing; we have washed the van inside and out and vacuumed the floor and other dust traps; we have been shopping to restock the fridge and pantry.
  3. Not going to sleep with the sounds of frogs and not waking up to the sounds of birds.
  4. The way the holiday retreats so quickly. I am immersed in my usual activities and the Big Sky Country of Menindee seems so far away.
  5. Not being able to travel in the car for hours and watch the bush go past. I know that for many this would be on their “Delights List”, but I love the long distances. I watch the changing environments and see the large raptors wheel across the sky. I read the map and enjoy the little towns we pass through. I think about all manner of things, especially those profound thoughts that are there one minute and gone the next!

So to the Delights List, the things I have missed:

  1. I am close to friends and family again; I am not relying on emails and Facebook and phone calls to keep in touch. I can bore tell my stories and show my photos and catch up with their lives. (However, #2 in the first list does make time a little difficult!)
  2. I have my painting to start. The beginnings are always fun.
  3. The toilet is much closer than in a caravan park ~ very important in the middle of the night!
  4. Stretching out on the couch!
  5. Delighting in the flourishing Spring garden. I am going to leave you with a gallery of the flowers and greenery in my garden.

What would be on your lists?

By anne54

Botanic artist

11 replies on “5 delights and 5 downs of coming home”

The Canadian Praries would be wonderful places to travel across. Lucky you! One of the joys of travelling is allowing the journey to be the important part, and, as you say, allowing spontaneity to have its head.

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One of the downs for me is when we go overseas. Coming back through half a dozen time zones, I start to suffer from what I call ‘soul lag’: my person is present, but my essence and consciousness are several countries back, trying hard to catch up! And the best delight for me is is my own supremely comfortable bed!


Soul Lag. That’s a great way to describe the feeling. The advantage of car travel is that your soul usually journeys with you. Although, there are times when it is still back in a beautiful place, enjoying the serenity and your body has had to move on.
And the bed… of the other delights of being home is not having to climb over the Fella to get in and out of bed. The bed in the van is up against the wall and I sleep against the wall.

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On short here to there trips I hate being inbetween, preferring one end or the other but on roadtrips the joy is in the journey, in not needing to be anywhere or taking time to get somewhere. I loathe packing and unpacking, if flying I prefer a carryon or backpack; save me making too many choices. But via car I cannot resist taking something for every possible eventuality or weather.
Coming home to the garden is always a joy, even if it’s only that the potted plants on the balcony have survived my absence. Your garden however would be a delight to return to, and if I had to peg out 7 loads of washing, I would get accordingly be distracted 7 times wandering around the garden 🙂


I don’t mind packing, because there is the excitement of the journey. Unpacking is different firstly because it means the journey is over and secondly because I am usually bored with the clothes I have worn too often!
The garden was a distraction, but I enjoyed looking at the peas as I walked past with another armful of stuff from the van!


It is lovely at the moment. However, I sneakily didn’t show you the weeds that need to be pulled, the silver beet and parsley that have gone to seed nor the vine that needs to be tamed! Thanks for dropping by.

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