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Trees, glorious trees

Only a short post today, because I want you to scoot over to EllaDee’s blog to read her story, “I asked my neighbour about its life…”, a beautiful fable about tree spirits in urban areas. It is a delight to read.

It got me thinking about the beautiful trees, mainly River Red Gums, that grow along the banks of our big rivers. They are so big and gnarled that and, as you walk beneath them, you can’t help but wonder about all the things they have seen — Aboriginal gatherings, European explorers, lizards and snakes living below, birds building nests and possums in the hollows. They have weathered floods and droughts, and one can only hope that they can withstand the terrible pressures of climate change.

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I’ll add my own encouragement to go over there, she’s written beautifully about times and seasons passing, but nature stays with us, despite our own worst efforts. You have some beautiful tree images there; my own favourites are paperbarks, which do very well in this part of the world, and which populate my favourite picnic spot next to the beach.

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EllaDee’s story is lovely, isn’t it? Times and seasons passing, but nature stays with you — I like that.
I love paperbarks too. I am dong watercolour paintings of the ones on Flinders Island at the moment.


A stunning and eloquent pictorial tribute to our magnificent trees.
I hope it never comes to it that we have only photographs and memories…
They took all the trees
And put them in a tree museum
And they charged all the people
A dollar and a half to see ’em…


I can’t really claim much here — your story inspired me, and these trees are so magnificent that any photo would be grand!
Joni Mitchell sums it up so well. Thanks for reminding me.


I took many of the photos in Kinchega National Park. There were so many magnificent trees along the banks of the Darling River that the difficulty was to decide which to take. I am glad that I could point you to EllaDee’s story.


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