Remembering Elizabeth Blackwell

I had never come across Elizabeth Blackwell until I read Val’s post. Not surprising, as we know that the history of many women is buried deep. Her story is one of love, determination and botanic art!

Sketched in colored pencil on stained paper Colored pencil on stained paper

The most recent project in my online Botanical Sketchbook Painting course is inspired by the work of a remarkable botanical artist who has been mostly forgotten in the 250 years since her death. A few remaining copies of her once-famous work still may be found in rare book collections and in the archival libraries of some of the world’s finest botanical gardens. Some people see Elizabeth Blachrie Blackwell’s story as a tragic one, and certainly it was not an easy life. But to me, it’s a story of incredible strength and determination.

Growing up in a seaport on the Scottish coast, Elizabeth inherited her keen intelligence and love of hard work from her father. William Blachrie was a wealthy merchant, a Burgess of Trade for the city of Aberdeen, Scotland — a self-made success who had started out as a humble seller of stockings and…

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