Time to sit back and watch some videos

I have been up on my soap box a bit lately….so today I am stepping off it to let some videos do the talking. In my last post I showed you a few images from John Wolseley’s exhibition at the NGV; today I am posting some videos of him, to show you bigger images of his work. In the first he shows the magic that can happen when art and science meet. It also refers to bird migration, which connects back to my last post about the short-tailed shearwaters.

The next video is an interview on Radio National’s Books and Writing programme.  Wolseley is interviewed by Michael Cathcart, and it shows a number of the paintings from the exhibition.

So, for those of you who can’t make it to Melbourne to see his works, I hope you enjoy these glimpses..

3 replies on “Time to sit back and watch some videos”

When it comes to art I’m a bit of a philistine – I like what I like but know little about the background. Here, I’d never heard of Wolseley, but that glorious explosion of colour and life really got to me. Thank you. 🙂


The pleasure is definitely all mine. His work is amazing and I am so happy to be able to show it to other people. Any chance of making it into town to get to the NGV and see his work?


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