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My secret plan isn’t happening this time :(

I mentioned that I had a secret plan, that I wasn’t telling because there was a chance that I would chicken out. It is not happening, but not because I am a chicken.

The Incinerator Gallery had a call out for artists interested in exhibiting there. And I was. That was my plan. If I am to be serious about my art ~ and I do want to be ~ then the next step is to exhibit. It means that the work I am doing, that is coming out of my time on Flinders Island, has to be of a quality to exhibit. It has to be technically good as well as having that something that will capture an audience’s attention.

I have never been here before. You can understand the confidence needed to say “This is my work. It says something interesting about the world and you need to have it in your gallery.” It’s a risk, and I am not a natural risk taker. So, applying for the exhibition was going to be like jumping off the high diving board. (It makes my heart flutter just thinking about it!) There was always the small chance that I would chicken out and metaphorically climb down the ladder rather than jumping.

However, the decision was taken from me. Sensibly I went to the Gallery to look at the spaces they were offering. Neither were suitable. One was an area with little wall space and would be great if I was a sculptor. The other was an outside space; even less suitable to my works on paper!

There are other spaces and one comes up in August. So that’s one option. There will be others, I know that. So, for now, more melaleucas of a professional standard!

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I’m a writer, and part of the job description is putting myself in positions where I get rejected. Over and over again. My working theory is that it’s their (editors mostly in my case, but you can fill in a blank there) job to reject me and I don’t want to do their job for them. So I have to keep sending stuff out there, and sometimes it’s accepted. So contribute to full employment: Send your stuff out.

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There’s a skill to knowing what will suit your work and what will not, and you have sensibly opted not to place your work in a venue that will not do it credit. Much better to wait until you know the place and time is right. Meanwhile, you have extra time to work on your portfolio…


Kate was right when she said that there’s a skill to knowing where to exhibit your work. In the small community in which I live there are two big opportunities to exhibit my quilts, although neither is a gallery. What fascinates me is how my work gets no recognition that I’m aware of in one place while I consistently receive ribbons on my work in the other. Just goes to show you that there’s a place for everyone (and their work) in the world, we just have to put in the time and do the work to find the right ones! The first step is always the hardest too. ;- )

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Thanks for all for your encouragement and support. How I love my blogging friends! I am quite determined to carry through with an exhibition….I agree with you that something will be there in the not too distant future. Your comments inspire me to keep looking to find my perfect fit!


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