Coastal heath

Kate, who does beautiful quilting, commented on one of my photos from the last blog, remarking how she could see colours and textures to make a quilt. I was delighted that she might like to use it. EllaDee saw it as a woven piece, and I see paintings and maybe tapestries in it. Personally I think we are responding to the textures, the colours and the patterns and rhythms of the bushes as they flow up the bank. So, a couple more photos. I would love to know if they inspire you in any way.


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5 Responses to Coastal heath

  1. EllaDee says:

    I love the colours and textures. I’m attracted to to and wear these watery-earthy colours, as opposed to rich deep outback colours.


  2. anne54 says:

    Funny, but I had never thought to compare with the vivid colours of the outback. You are right, they are earthy/watery. Quite different to the Flinders Ranges.


  3. Oh how I miss the colours and textures of Tasmania! Melbourne just isn’t cutting it for me, I’m afraid!


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