Trouser Point Beach

How can you resist a name like Trouser Point? And, even though I said the internet was too slow to upload photos, how can I resist showing you this beautiful beach? When you are looking pretend that there is a howling, invigorating wind at your back. πŸ˜‰




6 replies on “Trouser Point Beach”

Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for battling the slow internet connection to show us Trouser Point Beach. Yes, as EllaDee says, very atmospheric. Add to that your suggestion of imagining the howling, invigorating wind at my back and…I want to go to Flinders Island in May!! No I am not a masochist, just a cold weather person. I love it. And I suppose an artist working en plein air or rather, en plein wind, during May on Flinders would be ‘battening down’ the paper well and truly.


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