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A gift from overseas

Recently I sent some of my Little Sketchbooks off to different parts of the world. I was happy that people wanted to use them for their creative pursuits. [If you asked me for one and it hasn’t arrived, please let me know — it is either a problem with the post or my brain…]  Imagine my delight when I received a package in return, from Mount Vernon, Washington.

It was a mug mat, made specially for me by Sue.

My new mug mat, made especially for me by Sue
My new mug mat, made especially for me by Sue

In her card Sue says that she made it with me in mind. I can tell that is true because not only has she selected flowers, but there are bird and feather patches!


She also writes

It’s meant to be large enough for a mug or cup and saucer and an edible treat to boot!

It is a perfect fit on the arm of my comfy red chair, and does fit a mug and the edible treat — a slice of cake that I made with my new mixer!

Sue has a delightful blog, From the Magpie’s Nest, where she blogs about her adventures with patchwork and other deliciously crafty things. Hop on over and say “Hello”.

Thank you Sue, for a thoughtful, and useful, gift. Enjoy using your pen and ink in the sketchbook.

By anne54

Botanic artist

18 replies on “A gift from overseas”

Ahah! That’s who it was for! She posted about it when it was done, and said it was for someone as a gift. How suitable that a bird (Magpie Sue) should make something birdy for a bird-loving feather illustrator…


My, aren’t you brave to perch that mug on the arm of a chair! Glad you’re happy with the mat and that you’re finding it useful. I’m honored to have it featured in your header photo too. 🙂


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