How does my garden grow? In My Kitchen Odds and Ends

How does my garden grow?

Over Easter my garden decoration had a little help from the Easter Bunny. Miss C and Miss B came over on Sunday and it didn’t take them long to find the eggs!

Then we went inside an made hot cross bun. Well, they were more like hot buns, because we forgot the cross. They were quite tasty when they were warm, but neither the Fella nor I have wanted to eat the leftovers. The Fella (rightly) said that we could use them as door stops! I think the problem was that we had to rush to proving time. Still, the girls had fun, and that was the main object for the day.

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I love the Easter traditions, hot cross buns and egg hunts – although ours were hidden in plain sight on the kitchen table… I can imagine the G.O. if I said he had to search the garden for them… although with the amount of work we did in it on Monday, we would have found them all.


My Fella is a chocolate fiend. He tried to limit the chocolate coming into the house over Easter,but was thwarted when the girls arrived with an Easter bunny for each of us. I had to give him stern words not to eat the ‘hidden’ eggs before they were able to find them!


-grin- I miss the easter egg hunts. We used to go nuts with eggs when the kids were small but now they’re all big. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next crop of little ones to come along. 🙂


Did you get to use your new mixer for the buns? Your comments about having to rearrange the kitchen cupboards makes me think I’ve got some rearranging to do as well. No doubt!

Easter is pretty low key around here now that our children are grown and gone. Little ones make all the difference. 🙂


No, we kneaded the dough by hand. I enjoy the rhythm of kneading, but I will try the dough hook. I am glad I inspired you to do some rearranging. I should inspire myself too, because there are cupboards and hideyholes crying out for a reorganisation. You are so right about kids and Easter.


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