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A friend of mine has just taken up an artist in residency programme in Barcelona — tough gig! “Wouldn’t that be wonderful?” I thought to myself. So, after a quick search, I found a site which is the mother load of artist in residence programmes (check out here if you are interested). There are places all over the world. Who knew that there could be so many on offer in Iceland?! So maybe I can organise somewhere overseas for next year. There were some closer to home…

Like the one on Flinders Island. I applied, and I hope to be going for two weeks in May!!!!

Flinders Island is a small island in Bass Strait, the stretch of water between Tasmania and the mainland. In fact the Furneaux Group, to which Flinders belongs, is the remains of the original land bridge from Tasmania to Wilsons Promontory on the mainland. It existed sometime between 12,000 and 18,000 years ago. To get there now you fly on a little plane from Melbourne, or go by cargo boat. I’m taking the plane and I am taking the Fella too.

The program is run by Mountain Seas Resort, where I will have accommodation and time to artistically explore. You know that I love to create botanic art. Well, for a while I have been pondering ideas about going a little beyond the traditional ideas of the genre. I want to find ways of showing the plant in the wider environment. It may or may not include creating in sketchbooks, which you know is another passion of mine.

I really don’t know much about the Island, except the photos make it look rugged and spectacular. I am very excited by the idea of immersing myself in such an environment and discovering connections. Also, since I was a child I have been fascinated by islands. There is something about the sea being a physical boundary that niggles away at the back of my mind.

There is lots to sort out. Be sure I will keep you informed!

[Let me explain this map for those of you who are unsure about the geography of the southern part of Australia. The large heart-shaped island is Tasmania. The mainland is to the north (i.e. the top of the map). The water in between is Bass Strait, a rather treacherous stretch of water. Flinders Island is the larger island on the right, above the red one, which is Cape Barren Island. The island on the left is King Island, famous for its cheeses.]

Finders Island is the bigger island above the red one (Source: Wikimedia)

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Oh so jealous Anne, it is a rugged enchanting place, the water is crystal clear and the rocks so worn and inspiring. You will find so much to see and do there. Enjoy every minute.

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It’s going to be fun, and fascinating and fabulous and other things beginning with F, and it’s also going to look pretty damn good on your resume. Fingers crossed it all comes to pass!


The website has certainly piqued my interest. It has made me think about places that are off the beaten track. Iceland has a residency that goes from December to January, with the deliberate intention of artistically portraying the environment at that time of the year.


All the best with this Anne. You write very well and your art is superb so your application will be highly persuasive. Sandi


My Fella has been telling me it will be chilly, and has made me buy some thermal underwear! The light will be lovely — it sounds like you have been there (?)


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