In My Kitchen

In my kitchen

Well, the big news from my kitchen is that I have bought a mixer. That may seem rather ho-hum for most of you. However, I have never owned one before, content (sort of ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) to mix and whip using forks and whisk. I received some birthday money from a very generous friend and decided to lash out. Couldn’t resist a blue one!

My new mixture
My new mixture

I made a cake, which everyone complimented, and a Breton Tart for dessert at my sister’s. No photos, I am afraid. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ You will have to take my word for it that they were quite tasty. And yes, I do intend to make a cake for the friend who gave me the money.

At the moment my favourite part of the machine is the big mixing bowl, with a handle! For some reason it makes me feel quite professional to pour the mixture into the pan using the bowl. Ahh, the simple things….

One of the reasons I haven’t had a mixer before was the space it would take up. So I have reorganised my pantry. The bottom shelf had become one of those areas that was filled with things that I never used, and really, I had stopped noticing. So now I have a space for my mixer AND the baking trays. They had lived in the oven, which meant that every time I used the oven I had to take them out and put them on the floor.

Have you had that experience, of realising, after many years, that there are better places to put things? That there is junk taking up the space that you could use more effectively?

Next step is to sort out the shelves where the packages and packets are kept.

I am so impressed with my bottom shelf organisation!

My Christmas present to my Mum was to take her to see “As you like it”, a production of the Shakespeare play performed in the Botanic Gardens. We had a picnic before the performance. I included:

The lentil salad is really easy to make — lentils (I use tinned), feta cheese, cooked sweet potato and mint leaves. The dressing is mint sauce. The recipe originally came from a cook book to promote healthy bones, so great to help fight osteoporosis.

It was such a pleasant evening, despite the chill breezeย blowing from the west.

Lastly, some oven roasted tomatoes. I had a good crop of Roma tomatoes this year. They weren’t very big, but quite tasty. I slow roasted some in a very low oven, covering them with oil, thyme and oregano.


In my Kitchen is hosted by the delightful Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. If you popย over to her post you can see the month blog roll of bloggers who take part. You can visit kitchens from all over the world. And you have to read her post about her birthday celebrations. That is one amazing way to have a birthday!!


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I asked my (large) family to give me a Kenwood Chef for my 50th a few years ago. It was such a boon, and I use it several times a week, and all day long when I’m baking for the coffee shop! A good quality machine will last for years if treated properly, so it’s an excellent investment. I do envy you the handle on the bowl; arthritis is making it difficult for me to hold my bowl by its foot as I scoop the contents out…

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I love the handle already, as it makes me feel like I am on a TV show! I hadn’t thought about arthritis issues. Is your machine the same one that Celia has just got? I think hers was a Kenwood too. Mine was from Aldi.


Celia’s is the very big brother of mine. I have the Kenwood Chef Major, which comes with balloon whisk, paddle, dough hook and a bonus sausage maker attachment! I’d like to get the glass blender goblet that goes on the top, but as we have a perfectly good blender already, that would be a bit self indulgent. I love it to bits, I have to say, it make my life much, much easier.


Not so far! I’m mainly deterred by the fact that it would be hell on wheels to clean… I suspect it’s not their best selling accessory, which is why it came as a freebie in the box!


I would love to give making sausages a go. I remember, many moons ago, I taught a Yugoslavian (as it was then) girl. They made much of their own food, including the most divine sausages. I can still taste them! I get you about the washing up though.


Oh, yes,a mixer! When we got permission to stay in the UK, we celebrated by buying a mixer (damn, they’re expensive). But my wrists won’t tolerate much kneading, so it means I can make almost all our bread, which I wouldn’t come close to doing otherwise. I love the thing.


This one comes with a kneading hook, which I haven’t used yet. I will give it a go, but I love the rhythmic process of hand kneading. It’s a shame that your wrists are too wonky to let you do it. Do you make sour dough or the other?


lol – I knew I shouldn’t read your post before dinner! Now I’m starving. lol And that is a very nice looking mixer. I’ve always had them but I’m not terribly happy with the current one. I’ll be interested in knowing how it works over time.


I will be interested too, although of course I have nothing to compare it to. I bought this one in Aldi. I probably should have looked around more, but other electrical things I have bought there have been very reliable.


Aldi is almost our second home! They often have things on special that are not the run of the mill supermarket line. I have picked up some very comfy and long lasting gym/yoga pants for a reasonable price. And their alcohol is quite tasty too. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Anne, how good does it feel to organise the pantry! My problem is keeping it in that state, rather than just stuffing in the next shopping trip haul. Your tomatoes look super tasty!


My problem is that we eat the goodies before I remember to take photos ๐Ÿ˜‰ I will try to jump in with the camera before I let the others know it is ready.


The problem with using a mixer is that one makes treats that one shouldn’t be eating! I will have to make things to give away, or adopt a hungry teenager!


After 30 years of using electric hand beaters, I found (on the freebie pile) a Sunbeam mixer, so I get your excitement… I feel like a proper cook! Also had the issue of space but I too did a reorg (last weekend) and made some usable space, and I get your sense of satisfaction about that too.
I have a bag of lovely tomatoes left from the weekend, roasting them is a great idea.


Anne, picnic and Shakespeare in the park! How wonderful! So happy you got a mixer too for your birthday, but I’m a tad worried that it has to live on the floor of your pantry – that’s heavy lifting every time you need to use it! They do take up so much room on the bench though!!


I agree with you about the weight of the mixer, Celia. However, I have no bench space, so I try to bend my knees when I lift. Next kitchen I design will have a bigger bench ๐Ÿ™‚


PS I have a couple of suggestions for the mixer. There are rolling plant stands available here, that allow you to move a heavy plant with ease. I wonder if you bought one of those if you could rest the mixer on top of it. Then when you are ready to use it, you can roll it to the counter area and lift from there. It will be easier than lifting it straight from the floor too, and the dust bunnies won’t have a place to gather. Just a thought.


Love you new mixer, congratulations and happy birthday. I will lend you my son to organize your pantry (although we are some distance away), he helped me with mine last weekend and was ruthless about making me discard anything outdated or I hadn’t used in a year. It’s an entirely new looking space with all the older canned goods or packaged things in the front to be used first. I now have two empty shelves! It feels wonderful.


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