Goodbye Sir Terry, and thank you

You know that Terry Pratchett died last week. The Snail of Happiness, a true Pratchett fan, has posted this fine tribute to him. I just had to reblog it.

The Snail of Happiness

Yesterday my favourite author, Sir Terry Pratchett met one of his enduring characters: Death (who always spoke in capital letters). Terry loved communicating via technology and so it is fitting that his death was announced via his Twitter account:


“Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.

“The End.”

The world has lost a wonderful, creative mind. He certainly inspired me. So, I’m reproducing this Terry-inspired post from 2013 as my tribute to the passing of a great man.

Boots – the world according to Sam Vimes

New boots - I hope they last! New boots – I hope they last!

Now I know that quite a few of you are Terry Pratchett fans like me (well, perhaps not like me, because you probably don’t name your chickens after characters out of his books), but for those…

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