In My Kitchen

In My Kitchen ~ December

In my kitchen in December were way too many delicious things. So in my kitchen, without photos, were….

chocolates from my niece who works in Koko Black. Heaven!

delicious rumballs made by another niece and beautifully bagged and tagged. I even managed to taste a few, because nothing sweet is safe from the Fella!

the Christmas ham that kept us in sandwiches and salads for quite a few days.

In my kitchen, with photos, were…..

biscuits that I baked for gifts

mince pies. I did mean to bake my own this year, but we all know about good intentions!

(Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2014)
(Photo copyright: Anne Lawson 2014)

cute little Christmas puddings. So easy! I have included the recipe below, and many thanks to Denise for showing me. File it away for next Christmas and impress everyone. They make an excellent finger food dessert.

Buy a ready made pudding or cake from the supermarket. Cheap is fine.

Mash up the pudding with orange juice so that it clumps together. Brandy would be pretty good too. Roll into balls about the size of your palm.

Melt white chocolate and dribble that onto the top of the pudding balls. You can see in the photos that some of my attempts were more successful than others.

Add little bits of chopped jube-like lollies. I used red and green snakes. They were a great size, but use whatever you have. My advice is to have them chopped before you melt the chocolate. In my second batch I put three holy berries with two leaves. That appealed to me more than just one berry. πŸ™‚

Then all you have to do is pop them into the fridge for a little while.

And the first of my home-grown strawberries, only a little eaten by snails.


Lastly, in my kitchen there were big messes! Luckily I have my very own washer-upperer. My Fella does all the dishes at all times, and only grumbles occasionally about the mess I make. πŸ™‚


What deliciousness was in your kitchen this month? The In My Kitchen series is hosted by Celia. Jump over to her blog to take a peek into kitchens around the world.

3 replies on “In My Kitchen ~ December”

Lots and lots of apricots! I have a kind of dwarf apricot tree that grew from a seed close to 25 years ago. The apricot seedling went with me from house to house, sometimes barely surviving its potbound existence. And then I finally planted it out here in Warrandyte. It’s been in the ground about 6 or 7 years now and provides 3-5 apricots a year. Until this year. This year I swear we’ve had at last 50!

Sun ripened, sweet as….amazing. We ate heaps, the birds got some, I dried heaps, and just tonight I made a compote with the last 15 or so. I’m over the moon. πŸ˜€


I’m back on the ‘lose the holiday weight’ plan, so I’m not looking too closely at your photos. Sounds like eating nirvana in your lovely home.

Snails do love Strawberries, don’t they? I had some success wrapping copper tape to keep them out of the box. There is nothing so delicious as a warm, freshly picked strawberry. I can almost smell it.


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