Have yourself a daggy merry Christmas

This was my post for last Christmas, and the sentiment remains the same. I wish you all a wonderful time of celebrations with family and friends. Thanks for another year of following my musings, and for joining into the conversations. Big hugs to you all. x x x

Anne Lawson Art

I am very fond of daggy* things around Christmas. This was one of our Christmas trees when I was a kid. It explains why daggy and Christmas go together for me!

Xmas Morning

I am sure that more stylish decorations were available even back then, in the Dark Ages. But every decoration we had made was lovingly kept by my Mum and reused each year. Even the fairy looks rather dishevelled! (That is the fairy not-quite-on-top-of -the-tree, not my little brother standing next to it!)

*Daggy: adj. not stylish, out of fashion, not trendy, not cool, untidy, unclean, not neat.

v. to have no style.

I remember that we put a Nativity play for Mum and Dad.

The 4 wise men without the camel 1960

Yep, the dagginess continued.

That’s me with the dimples. I got to have the Starring Role of Mary. (You might be able to tell that Jesus was a Maori doll my Dad brought back from…

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By anne54

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9 replies on “Have yourself a daggy merry Christmas”

Not daggy! This is real life…the tree, the costumes. This is creativity as opposed to consumerism. The xmas tree is just like ours when I was young. I look at this xmas tree in this blog post and feel warmth inside.


I am glad it reminded you of your childhood Christmases, Sandi, and that it brings back good feelings. I also loved Christmas as a child. Hope yours this year was filled with family and love.


Hi Anne I love the pictures on your blog – you were the only one smiling in the nativity scene. Was that because you were the only one who got the role she wanted? You look like a very happy Mary, and you were well suited to the part with your sunny personality. I was well cast as the grumpy innkeeper. Geoff was already asleep on his feet with the worry of the imminent birth,or perhaps with contending with the truculent donkey! I love the picture of Andrew by the tree, trying to hold himself together with the excitement of it all! Daggy indeed! Thanks for all your help on Christmas night. I hope you enjoyed it. I loved having everyone together, though we missed Andrew and Helen. We had a nice night at Somers with Claire and Curtis, and now we are home again getting ready for the party. I am trying to convince myself that I am really looking forward to making this speech, and I will be very clever and funny and everyone will be amazed at my power of oration! It’s not working, but I still,have a few hours to psych myself up and be positive. Love Judy xx

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I did get the starring role, didn’t I? If you were a grumpy innkeeper, you were only playing the role, because you are never grumpy! You were probably the Director, and had spent time trying to organise us, a difficult thing because the boys would have wanted to go off and play with their mechano sets, not wander around dressed up in tea towels!
Christmas was lovely again this year. Another one to put into my treasure chest. Thank you.


Oh dear, our trees looked like that too – misshapen and covered in home-made decorations made of paper – and I used to boss my younger siblings into performing in a nativity play for Mum and Dad, where I had the starring role. Not sure if it’s good to hear I wasn’t the only one with that Christmas experience, or scary to hear there were more of us!


I am glad to hear that we weren’t the only family! Funny how we bossy ones always have the starring role! I must have know I was headed to being a teacher — all teachers have to be pretty bossy!


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