How does my garden grow?

It has been a time of reflection lately, but the jacarandas that line my street remind me of a world beyond my own head. I am reposting this which I wrote nearly two years ago. The trees are still breath-takingly beautiful.

Anne Lawson Art

The trees in my street are beautiful jacarandas β€” one of my very favourite trees. I also have one in my backyard. Really, it is too big for my small yard, but I can’t bring myself to Β do anything about it.

The jacarandas were out in December and were simply beautiful.


After some heavy rain and wind the fallen petals look a little like purple snow.

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10 replies on “How does my garden grow?”

What beautiful trees. Here in the U.K. we’re speeding toward the shortest day of the year, but it’s so much warmer than Minnesota, where I used to live that any time I’m tempted to whine a bit I remind myself of what I’m getting away with. There are still a few blossoms on the roses out front, although they’re looking a little windblown and weary.

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Snow is something very foreign to me, so the idea of people living in very cold places always amazes! To my mind it has a rather romantic feel, but I guess you wold soon tire of the cold and slush and having to dig your way through snow everyday. I think I would prefer the UK too! Your roses must be pretty tough πŸ™‚


I always thought of roses as delicate, but I seem to be wrong. In Minnesota, we had to (a) cut them way back and insulate them with dead leaves and a styrofoam bucket or (b) dig a trench and tip them into it (I never tried this, only heard of it) in order to keep the cold from killing them.


Digging a trench sounds drastic! We had a very prolonged drought here in Victoria, about 10 years of way less rain and way more heat, and the roses didn’t even seem to noticed that they were not getting enough water. Tough as old boots.


I love that — “a purple angel as a house guest”! It captures them so well. And resonates further with me because when the jacarandas flower I am reminded of friends who died in December. So I think about them when I see these purple angels.


Jacarandas are favourites of mine too πŸ™‚ As a kid on my grandparents’ farm my swing hung from the Jacaranda. We have 2 in the yard at TA. The one in the front yard, planted just over a decade ago is a monster already, taller than the house (beautifully shading the western front corner in summer) but covering half the front yard. The Jacaranda at the back in summer provides a lovely shady spot at our rustic timber picnic table looking out at the river and hills πŸ™‚


There are lovely images here, EllaDee, the swing and the picnic table. I can see them both, and the dappled shade of the jacaranda. Even their shade is wonderful! Fantastic trees. And don’t you just love Meek’s “purple angel as a house guest”?! Perfect.


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