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The southern Flinders Ranges

After we left our magical overnight camping ground, and our lovely new neighbours (and all the flies!), we spent some nights in Rawnsley Park Station. We stayed there two years ago, and this link will tell you more about the history of the station. It is a great place to stop.

We did some walks around the hills. One took in the views of the Elder Range, to the south of Wilpena Pound. As a botanical artist I love looking at the flowers and plants that are growing, (that’s why you never take a botanic artist on a walk if you are in a hurry!), so I was fascinated to see these fields of plants. They seemed to be some sort of salvia, but I couldn’t find them in my reference books. I loved the way they carpeted the area, and set off the view to the ranges.

Perhaps “carpet” is a relative term! For an arid, rocky area, this is quite a carpet. This photo shows you the sort of soil they have to grow in. By the way, that is white lichen on the rock.

(Photo copyright: Anne Lawson, 2014)
(Photo copyright: Anne Lawson, 2014)

Like all these arid areas they come into their own in the morning and evening, when the light is soft. There are often spectacular sunrises and sun sets. I will leave you with photos of some, so you can see why places like this get into your soul.

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