South from Arkaroola

The roads from Arkaroola are unmade and can be quite difficult after rains. It is always good to get up-to-date information about road conditions when travelling in the more remote areas of Australia. However, the one we took south was dry and dusty, and in quite good condition. Except for the creek crossings. They were all dry, as most creeks in that area are seasonal and are dry more often than running. However, the road through them can be rough and washed away, so you have to take care. You can’t just drive through at the same pace as you would the rest of the track. You also have to be watchful for kangaroos, emus and stock on the roads.

After quite a few kilometres of billowing dust we came into the little town of Blinman in the middle of the Flinders Ranges. It was a long weekend in the middle of the South Australian school holidays and there were people everywhere. We rang a few caravan places. No room. (We had to ring them from a public phone, after buying a phone card. Fancy that! There is no mobile coverage in these areas.)

So we pulled off the road and camped beside one of those dry creeks. How idyllic.

This was the view from the van across the creek.
Our little van has a solar panel and water tanks, so our fridge was able to work and we were right for water and lights at night. We didn’t have a caravan park amenities block close by, but we are both experienced bush campers and knew how to deal with those issues. As for showers, we didn’t use these “facilities” but they were available.

Someone has created this shower, with a little privacy screen and a floor tiled with smooth rocks. I guess you could hang a bucket from the dead branch, or may be have a bird bath from a bucket behind the screen. πŸ™‚

Campers further along had made a bath. The little trickle of the creek flowed into a hole they had dug. A tarp collected the water!

We even had some delightful company. One of the joys of camping is the camaraderie of fellow campers. We met a couple from Queensland and sat chatting to them for a number of hours over a few glasses of red wine. We had breakfast together the next morning — bacon and eggs and a trillion flies! I ate with one hand and waved away the flies with the other. πŸ™‚


An experience like this stays with you. And it is good to know that with our set up we will be able to do more free camping.

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