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Cullen, Australian wildflowers

Quite a few of you looked at my post about finishing my Cullen pallidum painting. 🙂 One of you had found the link to my earlier post about the Cullen flowers. I thought it would be worth reposting it, as the Cullen flowers are not widely known.

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Now that you have had a chance to get up to date with the Beckler’s Botanical Bounty Project…..[What, you don’t know what I am talking about? Have a look in the Beckler’s Botanical Bounty category to the right of this page]……I am going to introduce you to the group of flowers that I am painting.

They are Cullens.

Everyone knows Banksias and Grevillias, and many of us have them growing in our gardens. But whenever I say that I am painting Cullens people have a polite but blank look. There are 4 species of Cullen on Beckler’s list. [Hermann Beckler collected plants while in Menindee on the Burke and Wills Expedition. It is his list of 120 plants that we are trying to replicate.] So, let me show you my beauties.

The first is Cullen discolor. This is the species that I have been painting. I will show you…

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Since I read your Cullen pallidum painting post I’ve bee wracking my brain to think if I’ve ever seen the plant, but after reading the Cullen, Australian wildflowers post, I think I have likely seen something similar. As you say, I will get out to Menindee one say, and I’ll add it to visiting Mungo on my list.


Hi Anne Well done on finishing your Cullen. I know you have worked long and hard on it for your exhibition, and it sounds as if you are really pleased with the result. We are almost into our last week here, which is very sad. The really warm weather is a thing of the past, and it feels autumnal now, so perhaps it is time for us to migrate to the Southern Hemisphere! I hope you have warmed the weather up for us a bit. Not looking forward to getting back to the political scene. It has been blissful hearing nothing about Tony Abbott or Joe Hocking – though having said that, Abbott was roundly criticised for making rude remarks about the Scottish vote. He is not someone to be proud of at all. I am going to Maidenhead today to see Wil and Cecily, perhaps for the last time this visit. I went to Dorking yesterday, and we were at Portsmouth over the weekend, so I have been gadding about on the trains quite a bit. Tomorrow will be nice to stay put for a bit! Will be seeing you before long. Love Judy xx

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