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It’s finished!!

What’s finished? My Cullen painting! Cullen pallidum

Cullen pallidum (image and photo copyright: Anne Lawson, 2014)
Cullen pallidum (image and photo copyright: Anne Lawson, 2014)

Why is this momentous? For a few reasons.

1. I have have been working on it for quite a while. In fact, I first collected the specimen on my first trip up to Menindee in 2011. But let me backtrack to bring you up to speed. I belong to a group of botanic artists who are collecting and painting the specimens that Dr. Hermann Beckler collected on the Burke and Wills Expedition in 1860. We are called Beckler’s Botanical Beauts and have a blog which will give you more information. It is the most complex painting I have ever done, and has required the most amount of time.

2. I am happy to have it finished because we are going to exhibit our works. This painting is now finished and is ready for the exhibition, maybe 2015, 2016.

3. I am happy to have time to do other things as, even when I haven’t been working on the painting, the need to do it has been hanging over my head. You know that feeling! Working on other things does include two more paintings from the project, but they can wait until after October.

4. I am very pleased to have it finished, because I am very happy with the result! (I have to tell you that the photo I am showing is NOT the finished work. I trust all of you who read this, but I have to think about image piracy. Sad but true.) The featured image is a photo of Cullen pallidum growing beside the road in Kinchega National Park, Menindee, New South Wales.

So, now on to oyster shells, more consistent blogging, sketches, thinking about the next painting…..

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Brilliant, Anne! It’s a great feeling finishing a big project, isn’t it? What a fascinating artistic group you belong to. Enjoy your sketching, blogging and oyster shells before the next big painting. xoxoxoxox


The project is fascinating, and I like the idea of being a (smidgey) part of history. As well I have learnt so much — more about the Burke and Wills Expedition, about botany, about classification of plants. When I go up to Menindee this year I hope to learn how to use a microscope!


Oh well done Anne! I remember you posting some in-progress images a while back. I hope the exhibition is a great success.
One of the places where I teach has a group of ladies also doing botanical drawing/painting and it really is incredibly detailed work. 🙂


Congratulations. Both the plant photo and image you share are lovely, so I imagine the work so as well. Most of all I’m pleased you are happy with it. And, when I one day get out near Menindee I will look for the Cullen pallidun.


Definitely put it on your (long) list of places to visit EllaDee. Kinchega National Park is a treasure, and you have to experience the light in the early mornings and evenings. Beautiful! And you will get there……

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I admire your work, Anne and the great attention to detail. You *are* wise to guard your work. I hear of people copying other artists all the time, then taking credit. It’s criminal!

What fun to take part in a bigger group of artists. Hopefully when I’m a bit more caught up, I can take a look at the group blog.


There are so many positive things about the internet, but the stealing of images is certainly not one of them. I admit that I am not as vigilant as I should be, but I am trying to more alert.
Being part of a bigger group is fun, especially with a project like the one we are working on.


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