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The gift of music #3 — Young Voices of Melbourne

You will remember that I have a wonderful stash of music given to me on my birthday, and you will also remember that I am sharing those musical gifts with you.

Out there by the choir, Young Voices of Melbourne was given to me by Deb. It is a very special CD for her because her daughter sings in the choir. “Nothing like a proud parent,” says Deb, “but choir sings very well.” She is so right.

The singing is sweetly delicious, as you would expect from a choir of young voices who are very well trained and obviously love to sing. As these things happen, not long after listening to the CD, I went to one of their concerts. As well as the YVM choir there were three junior choirs and the Exaudi Youth Choir. Beautiful and a lot of fun!

The programme notes tell me that choir members rehearse weekly in one of five groups, learning aural, music reading vocal and performance skills. That is a big commitment, and it seems to pay off. They have toured overseas a number of times and regularly perform in Melbourne.

Have a listen to them singing

All the songs on the CD are lovely to listen to, especially their version of “Waltzing Matilda”. My favourite is “Walking in the Air”, the theme music from the movie The Snowman. Sorry that I couldn’t find YVM singing it, but here is a snippet from the movie (and I think they sing it better!)


One reply on “The gift of music #3 — Young Voices of Melbourne”

What a beautiful gift to you, and from you to the wider world. I enjoy choirs made up of ordinary folk… as well as children – lovely fresh young faces and voices, because they bring so much of themselves to the songs and music.


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