A wander through the Royal Botanical Gardens

It struck me the other day that after my house and my Mum’s house, I spend the next largest chunk of my time in and around the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne. About 8 years ago I started botanic art classes. Classes are held in the Whirling Room in the Observatory complex at the top end of the gardens. Now I go to weekly art sessions, but more about that in a later post.

A couple of months ago I started doing volunteer work at the Herbarium, which is also up that top end of the gardens. (Near the Shrine, if you know the gardens.) And more about that in a later post too.

I have been walking in the gardens between the art session and my time at the Herbarium. The gardens are a real Melbourne treasure and I thought you would like to join me on my wanderings through them.

The RBG was designed in the mid 1800s and has those iconic features of broad, sweeping lawns, ornamental lakes and views to the city.

There is a wonderful fern gully and newly planted bamboo forests, and some whimsical topiary near the Children’s Garden.

We have had some very wintery weather in Melbourne lately. Because of the gale force winds on Tuesday the gardens were closed. I thought it would be the Autumn leaves providing the only colour…..

…..so I was surprised by the flowers that were out.

Lastly, I wish you could smell this Wintersweet bush. The perfume stopped me in my tracks, but I had trouble finding the insignificant flower that was smelling so heavenly.


Thanks for wandering with me. You have to admit, there are many worse places to spend time!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. I’ll say. What a wonderful place to visit.


  2. craftysorcha says:

    That looks lovely! I love botanical gardens, there is so much to discover all year round.


  3. Thanks for sharing… it looks wonderful!


  4. EllaDee says:

    Your captured the gardens so beautifully, so many aspects and moments that are inherent to a wonderful experience wandering through a such an iconic place .
    The thought of the fragance of the Wintersweet bush lingers tantalisingly.


  5. the Gardens are one of my favourite places in Melbourne, a friend of mine used to work there and I was insanely jealous 🙂


    1. anne54 says:

      The gardens are one of Melbourne’s treasures. Do you manage to visit them very often? Thanks for dropping by my blog.


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