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Texture on Tuesday — bark

I love bark. It has such surprising colours and textures. These are street trees, growing just near my house.

As well as painting, I love to use fabrics, threads and beads and it is textures like these that have inspired some of my creations, such as this bag.

3 replies on “Texture on Tuesday — bark”

Bark is truly one of nature’s artforms, and apparently the differing bark is a definitive way to separate the 100’s of kinds of eucalypts into group. And there are so many ways to use it creatively or practically. I love the colours and stitching on your bag.


Bark certainly is an art form. It is such an obvious identification marker. Sometimes flowers and seed pods are not present or too high up.

Thanks to you and Alys for the comments about the bag. It is a while since I have done any bag making, but once upon a time that’s what I did. That’s why the name of my Etsy shop and other business things are variations on annebags.


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