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Lately I seem to have been drowning in emails. Most of them are posts from blogs that I follow. Don’t get me wrong — I love to read them. They make me laugh, inspire me, make me wonder and sometimes move me with their honesty. But sometimes, when all those emails download, I think “Whoa! Stop!” So, maybe Bloglovin’ is the way to go. It may corral many of them in the one place. We shall see. (Oh goody, another password!)

Like all these sites there are things to do to get them up and running. Apparently I needed to paste that link above to activate my blog in Bloglovin’. Tick that box and hope I have done it right.

Anyway, if you are on Bloglovin’, now you can follow me there. You may be able to see my head above all the emails!

By anne54

Botanic artist

16 replies on “Bloglovin’”

I’ve actually been following you via Bloglovin for awhile. I love the ease of seeing all the blogs I read in one spot. You can search by blog, or in order. It’s great when you fall behind too, because you can see what you’ve missed. Initially it shares the last four or five, but when you get going, in seems to know what you’ve read. Good job, Anne.


So you are one step ahead of me, Alys! Perhaps you can tell me ….. Are you able to post comments on others’ blogs through bloglovin’? I have typed a few comments on a couple of blogs and after pressing “post comment”, it comes up with a message that the comment can’t be posted. Is this usual?


Hi Anne, I know what you mean, lots of time spent reading blogs when i should be doing essays! I follow you in WordPress reader πŸ™‚


I find the Reader overwhelming too! I am obviously looking for the perfect solution πŸ™‚ I certainly get the looking-at-blogs-rather-than-doing-what-you-are-supposed-to-be-doing concept. It is the main reason I am not on other sites that look fascinating.


I follow you via email and reader, but I admit the reader is probably the less effective way – scrolling through so many pictures/posts can be quite slow. Off on a tangent – love Mary Gentle. Thanks for the reminder πŸ™‚


Mary Gentle is an interesting author. I am currently reading Ash and it is so long that I have renewed it 3 times at the library. What have you read of hers?


I remember Rats and Gargoyles, and I’m pretty sure I also read Golden Witchbreed and Ancient Light but those two I’m a bit hazy about. Was a long time ago. Gentle is an odd kind of writer. I enjoyed her stories but they always made me feel as if I was missing something. -shrug- Let me know if Ash is a good read. πŸ™‚


I am enjoying Ash, but it is long and I am finding it a big time commitment. I have spent so much time on it now that I have to finish it. I will do a review of it soon.


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